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2020.07General Member Meeting PDF
2020.07NVIS Propagation by Kai Siwiak KE4PT
2020.06General Member Meeting PDF
2020.06Propagation Modes by Colors by Kai Siwiak KE4PT
2020.05General Member Meeting PDF
2020.05Digital For Pennies by Jeff.S K4BH
2020.04General Member Meeting PDF
2020.04NBEMS, FLDIGI, FLMSG presentation by John N1QFH
2020.03Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2020.02Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2020.02General Member Meeting PDF
2020.01Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2020.01General Member Meeting PDF
2020.012020 Winter Field Day Planning
2019.12Photos of 2019 Holiday Potluck
2019.11Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.11General Member Meeting PDF
2019.10General Member Meeting PDF
2019.07Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.06Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.062019 Field Day Prep and Review by FD2019 Team
2019.05Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.05Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.05General Member Meeting PDF
2019.05Winning City tower approval by Ray N4RU
2019.04General Member Meeting PDF
2019.03General Member Meeting PDF
2019.02Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.02General Member Meeting PDF
2019.02DX Ducie Island by Les W2LK
2019.01Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2019.01General Member Meeting PDF
2019.012019 Wintah Field Day by John N1QFH
2018.12Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.12General Member Meeting PDF
2018.12Hurricane Recovery Puerto Rico by Rob Adams KC7FBN
2018.11Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.11General Member Meeting PDF
2018.11Having Fun with EME by Rick Rosen K1DS
2018.10Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.10General Member Meeting PDF
2018.10Amateur Radio Astronomy BY Ralph Boyd KK4GUB
2018.09Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.09General Member Meeting PDF
2018.09Cheapskates SDR by Bruce Ratoff KO4XL
2018.08Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.08General Member Meeting PDF
2018.08NTS Traffic Handling by Jeff Stahl K4BH
2018.07Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.07General Member Meeting PDF
2018.07Working Major DXpedition by Ed.C N4II
2018.06Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.06General Member Meeting PDF
2018.06FD2018 Review by John.C N1QFH
2018.05Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.05General Member Meeting PDF
2018.05Understanding Antenna Analyzers by Steve Martin KN4FEN
2018.04Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.04General Member Meeting PDF
2018.04Newletter PDF
2018.04DXing Modes Propagation Prediction by Kai KE4PT
2018.03Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.03General Member Meeting PDF
2018.03Basics of VHF Contesting by Rick K1DS
2018.02Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.02General Member Meeting PDF
2018.02Newletter PDF
2018.02Interesting dive excursions BY Rich WB1J
2018.01Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2018.01General Member Meeting PDF
2018.01Newletter PDF
2018.01Field Day: Side by Side
2017.12Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.12General Member Meeting PDF
2017.12Newletter PDF
2017.12Diaster Communications
2017.11Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.11General Member Meeting PDF
2017.11Newletter PDF
2017.11New features of club website by John N1QFH
2017.10Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.10General Member Meeting PDF
2017.10Newletter PDF
2017.10Hurricane Maria-Shack and Repeater Recovery
2017.09Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.09General Member Meeting PDF
2017.09Newletter PDF
2017.09Smith Chart
2017.08Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.08Newletter PDF
2017.08DXing Information equals Power
2017.07Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.07Newletter PDF
2017.07CW Contesting for Non-CW By Steve Ikler KS3K
2017.06Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.06Newletter PDF
2017.06Skywarn Spotters Guide
2017.06Getting Started with JT65 on the HF Bands
2017.05Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
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2017.05Newletter PDF
2017.04Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.04Newletter PDF
2017.03Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.03General Member Meeting PDF
2017.03Newletter PDF
2017.02Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.02General Member Meeting PDF
2017.02Newletter PDF
2017.02Introducting CW Ops
2017.02The CW Advantage
2017.02Introducting CW Academy
2017.01Monthly Meeting Agenda PDF
2017.01General Member Meeting PDF
2017.01Newletter PDF
2016.12General Member Meeting PDF
2016.12Newletter PDF
2016.12DMR Basics - no frills by Gerry.Gawaldo KG4FUR
2016.11General Member Meeting PDF
2016.11Newletter PDF
2016.11Gray line propagation: FL to Cocos on 80m by Ed N4II
2016.10General Member Meeting PDF
2016.10Newletter PDF
2016.09General Member Meeting PDF
2016.09Newletter PDF
2016.08General Member Meeting PDF
2016.08Newletter PDF
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