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Newsletter – November 2020

LAST UPDATED: 30-October-2020
Newsletter may be undergoing periodic updates
  • General meeting Tuesday 3-Nov 7pm via Zoom
  • Presenter: Pablo KK4YG on DMR GPRS and SMS
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  • PBC Regional Parks and Shack opening status
  • 2021 Dues and using PayPal 
  • Zoom Auction – Wow we had fun
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BRARA Monthly meeting Tuesday 3-November at 7pm via Zoom conference.

Meeting ID: 865 5255 5294
Password: 123456

2020 Shack Status

To ensure the safety of our members, we the full BRARA Board have decided to postpone our plans until the pandemic stabilizes in the state of Florida. We all feel very strongly that our club must not in any way, however small, add to the risk of spreading the virus. We will revisit and resume our plans as soon as we are confident that it is safe to do so.

FOR BRARA 2021-2023 Directors

Bruce KO4XL will email to Members the process to cast your vote for 2021-2023 Directors.

Bruce will provide a list of candidates with their names and callsign.

Members will select the top 7 directors in NO PARTICICULAR ORDER and send it to him.

Please be watching your email and yes check your spam folders.

He will explain when this is due and any further details.

Good luck.

Oh, rumor has it there is some other voting that will happen on 3-NOV but that is just rumor.


This capability has proven its value in just a few short weeks. Please join to enjoy one of many member benefits. Connect with Bruce KO4XL or Mike Pilgrim K5MP for assistance.

2021 BRARA Dues and PayPal

During this extremely difficult time, all of us, members, friends of BRARA and the Board appreciate your support.

On Thursday 1-OCT-2020, BRARA members may begin paying 2021 dues by check or PayPal.

CLICK HERE for 2021 Dues

CLICK HERE for alternate means to pay 2021 dues.

Thank you for your support.

2020 BRARA Zoom Auction

Thank you for participating in our first Zoom Auction.

Everyone seemed to enjoy this first every Zoom Auction.

Here’s some statistics on our donated items:

  • Number of bids: 156
  • Donated items: 26
  • New owners: 10
  • Duration of auction: 2 hours 41 min
  • Donated amount: $757.00

That is a huge accomplishment given we’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time. COVID-19 does have an upside: we’re forced to use Zoom for gatherings and it seems to work in this case. The item reviews have been completed, details are being crossed checked and are being provided to our 10 bid winners. They have also received pickup plans.

Will we do this again? Seems like a good case could be made. Watch for details.

REMOTE STATION ADVISORY The next key component is to get a solid microwave IP signal from the repeater site to the shack (see above request for Tower Climbers). Once that is done, we can begin testing the process. Contact John.C N1QFH with questions.

Want to learn about NBEMS? What is it? Who uses it and why? You can begin learning the basics by  CLICKING HERE. Join us Wednesdays at 8pm on 145.29 where we practice all aspects of digital communications and yes problem solve and train. 

What tools are we using: FLDigi, FLMsg, SlowScan and we’re looking into WINLINK on the local packet nodes.

  • PLANNER: George WA2VNV
  • WHEN: TBA 
  • WHERE: The Shack @ West Delray Park
  • WHAT: Install satellite system
  • WHO: All able folks who can help 
  • CONTACT: Email George


  • Power supply (20 amp / 13 volt) for the transceiver
  • Up to date computer to support the satellite and EME operation


We are looking for donation of an ICOM IC-706-Mk2g to replace the current 6 meter weak signal operation. The current transceiver is intermittent and not repairable.

If you have knowledge of an ICOM IC-706-Mk2g, please contact George WA2VNV by emailing him and let him know the details

CLICK for Station Status

The following are project and watch weekly emails for status.

All project are ON-HOLD until we have the all-clear to enter the park and shack

  • Station 1 AL-82 Amp repair WIP
  • Satellite TOWER BASE installation COMPLETE
  • Satellite ANTENNA and radio installation WIP
  • Shack outside power replacement WIP
  • Repeater case and shelve replacement ON HOLD
  • Repeater microwave relocation and maintenance TBA

We honor and remembered our members who have passed.

A special page has been built offering a bit more on who they were while keeping their memory with us.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of our silent keys.

We welcome the following new members:

  • KO4DKN David Pomerantz

  • 1 New members
  • 1 Pending online applications
  • 10 Silent keys
  • 127 Regular members
  • 1 Associate members
  • 26 Family members
  • 5 Lifetime
  • 158 Paid members

If you know of an amateur or their family dealing with health issues or may have lost someone, please let us know. Robert K K3SUH is our go to person to send a communication in the form of a card to the person or family.

CLICK HERE to email details.

Analog 2m

145.29(-) PL110.9 50 watts out.
Status: Art and Lew have been addressing various issues at the 2m repeater site.

DMR Brandmeister

70cm 442.875(+) CC-1 TS-2 TG-311037  50 watts out. The FAU IP is working normally.

Monday to Saturday 

7.00 am Ad Hoc Free Net
Analog 145.29- PL110.9  


8.00 pm South East FL DMR Tech Net TG-311037
BRARA 442.875+ CC-2 TS-2  
GCARA 443.350+ CC-11 TS-1  
Wellington ARA 145.19- CC-2 TS-1  


7.00 pm Voice Com Net  
BRARA 145.29- PL110.9 


7.30 pm DMR BrainWaves NotANet TG-311037
BRARA 442.875+ CC-2 TS-2  
GCARA 443.350+ CC-11 TS-1 
Wellington ARA 145.19- CC-2 TS-1 


9.00 am Breakfast Club Net 
BRARA 145.29- PL110.9 


8.00 pm Southeast Florida NBEMS Net 
BRARA 145.29- PL110.9 

Other Local Analog Repeater Nets

  • Daily 6.00 pm SEFL Traffic 146.61 MHz
  • Tue 7.30pm CERT Plan-B 145.29- PL110.9

Club Repeaters

  • 144.390 APRS Repeater (NOW ACTIVE)
  • 145.070 Packet Repeater (OFF LINE)
  • GPS Location: 26.39724 –80.09485

Local DMR Repeaters

Scheduled DMR Nets

  • Sun 8.00 pm TG-3110037 SeFL DMR Tech Net
  • Mon 7.30 pm TG-311037 BrainWaves Net
  • Tue 8.00pm MA DMR Tech Net TG-31630 via any Brandmeister / hotspot 
  • Tue 8.00pm VT DMR Tech Net TG-3150 via CANTURBO server 
  • Wed 7.30 pm TG-3149803  Wellington DMR Tech Net
  • Wed 9.00 pm TG-3  NA Tech Net
  • Thu 8.20pm TG-31777 NotQuiteRight Net ON HOLD
  • Sat 12.00 noon TG-1 WW
  • Sat  8.00 pm TG-310035 GCARC KnowItAll Net

Thanks for all who submitted articles and I hope you continue to do so. We’re also looking for new writers as well. Here are some guidelines for article submissions.

  • Text should be in MS Word or equivalent, saved as a .DOC file
  • Write your best stuff, but don’t sweat the grammar. That’s why there’s an editor.
  • Please submit pictures/illustrations as separate files, don’t embed them in the text.
  • Be sure to submit clear, in-focus photos

West Delray Regional Park
10875 West Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33446

We hold scheduled monthly Board meetings at 12:00 Noon at the Shack on the Sunday preceding the next General Meeting.

Contributions to BRARA— a 501(c)(3) organization—are tax deductible as charitable donations. As you complete your membership renewal or begin your year-end tax planning, please consider making a donation to BRARA.

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  • Be a member in good standing for a minimum of one continuous year
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  • Complete a short training session with one of the Club officers


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