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General Member Meeting December 2020

Director Attendance

Bruce KO4XL, Jeff K4BH, George WA2VNV, Patrick KE4OBV, John N1QFH, Jeff W4AEQ

MINUTES for 1-December 2020

The BRARA monthly association meeting was held via Zoom conference. The meeting was called to order by the President KO4XL at approx. 7:06PM. Attending: 34 zoom participants. Each attendee shared their current status, projects and helpful information.

Secretary’s Report


Moved by John N1QFH to accept November minutes, second by Jay N2ELG, accepted.


Total paid members 162
New members 1
Pending online applications 0
Silent Keys 10
Associate members 1
Family members 26
Lifetime 5

New Members 

We welcome the following new member to BRARA

  • Todd Greenstein KC0NNL
  • David Warner KB4ICU
  • Mark Shader KG4THP

John updated members on 2021 dues, weekly updates and content.

President’s Report

Bruce reviewed 2020 June Summer Field Day results for BRARA.

Review of Upcoming Meetings

  • Next BRARA meeting is 7:00pm Tuesday 5-Jan-2021 via ZOOM
  • Last BRARA Board meeting is 6.00pm Wed 9-Dec-2020 via ZOOM (2nd Wed of month)
  • New BRARA Board Meeting  is 10:00 PM Sat 2-Jan-2021 via ZOOM (Sat before general meeting) – Contact Bruce to be added to GIO

Club Elections – Elections results follow:

K4BH Jeff Stahl
K4LA Lou Alfonso
KO4XL Bruce Ratoff
N1QFH John Cole
N2ELG Jay Silverman
W4BFL Jerry Zaza
WA2VNV George Sintchak

QSL Status Report: Ed N4II

No report

Vice President’s Report

Jeff W4AEQ – No report


Jay N2ELG gave net update for DMR Tech Net

 Treasurer’s report

No report

Director at Large: Jerry.Z W4BFL

No report

Director at Large: Jeff.S K4BH

No report

Repeater Trustee: Lew K4LEW

No update

Director at Large: George.S  WA2VNV

No report

Old Business

The following items were covered:

  • No old business

New Business

  • No new business


Norm Fusaro, W3IZ on “ARRL Direction.”


Moved by Ralph w1DAR, second Jeff K4BH, adjourned at 8:07 pm local time.

Respectfully submitted,
John Cole N1QFH, Secretary