2019 Wintah Field Day
Field Day 2018
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FD2018 Weekend Arrival Times
For radio operators, please consider arriving two hours before your start time to allow folks like Les W2LK, Art WA8VSK, Jeff W4AEQ and others on the RADIO and MIS teams to show you the new N1MM features and functions.
It has been suggested that you will be more productive if you "RUN" vs "Search & Pounce". If you have a question on this, please see the RADIO TEAM.
Given this very specialized configurations and people hours put into making these all shake-hands properly, please do not re-configure any station until after FD2018 breakdown. We hope you understand our request to ensure continuity and integrity so we all may enjoy a productive and fun field day.
Single operator at multiple FD Stations
Rule: 6.1.A person may not contact for QSO credit any station from which they also participate.
Example: FD station N4BRF has two operators N1ESW and N1DZI. N1ESW returns home and makes a QSO call to N4BRF where N1DZI accepts that QSO. In this case there is no FD QSO credit. It does not impact any other QSO's for those operators.
Clarification of Radio Operation
We will be operating as Class 3E Section SFL (South Florida) which means 3 transceivers on emergency power. Each radio will be assigned one of 4 possible bands: 15m, 20m, 40m or 80m. As atmospheric conditions change, the assignment is performed by the Radio Team where a band pass filter (aka BPF) is placed in line with the transceiver and the antenna. These filters are needed to prevent the transceiver from interfering with other stations at the shack. On that transceiver band, operators many use any frequency and desired mode, as authorized by their operator licence class, to "Search and Pounce" aka S&P or call CQ aka "Run". Operators may use their own CW keys and headsets. The N1MM Logging software will be available at each station. To keep track who is operating stations and for audit purposes, when a person first sits to operate, they need to tell N1MM their callsign by pressing CTRL-O and entering their own callsign. Once this is done, the person may proceed to operate as club call sign N4BRF. We encourage operators to arrive a little early to get a refresher on station operation by shadowing and logging for another person at a station. Please feel free to ask for help with any aspect of the transceivers, logging tools, antenna systems and yes food.
If you plan on bringing a food item, please EMAIL or TEXT N1QFH at:
TEXT: 207-239-0268
  • What type of food (snack, hot stuff, finger food, etc)
  • Does it need to be cooled or kept warm?
  • What day and time would you deliver it?
NOTE: transport food in disposable carry items for easy cleanup
As of 19-June: Available - 72, Reserved - 61 for 84.7%
Today 16-June 2018 at the Shack the RADIO and MIS teams completed setting up the radios, computers, network and N1MM logging tool for FD2018. Many thanks to all of those folks for working through the many challenges that arose throughout today's setup process. These skilled technicians included Jerry W4BFL, Les W2LK, Jeff W4AEQ, Michael W2RT, Bruce KO4XL, and John.Q KM4MFW. Yes, I'm probably missing someone, my apologies; we'll get you recognized when I'm so informed. To all of those who stepped up today to offer helping hands, thank you. Your time and effort is hugely appreciated by all of us.

  2018 Field Day  

  FD2018 Planning and Implementation Status
07-23 Submit results within 30 days end of event
06-24 FD2018 ends
06-24COMPLETEStop operation 2pm
06-24COMPLETEMeal: Breakfast
06-23COMPLETESend ARRL traffic
06-23COMPLETEMeal: Dinner
06-23COMPLETEMeal: Lunch - dogs, burgers
06-23COMPLETEStart operation 2pm
06-23COMPLETEPrep drinks and coolers
06-23COMPLETESetup wash station
06-23COMPLETESetup generator and run power line
06-23COMPLETESetup Canopies (3)
06-23COMPLETESetup begins
06-23COMPLETEBoard welcomes all participants and visitors
06-23 FD2018 begins
06-22COMPLETECopy ARRL FD2018 message
06-22HOLDTransport backup generator
06-22COMPLETEBuy fuel as needed
06-22COMPLETEBuy food, drinks, plates, plastic ware
06-17COMPLETERefill propane tanks
06-16COMPLETETest Generatror, add gas stablizer
06-16COMPLETESetup Network
06-05COMPLETEReview FD2018 at General meeting
06-03COMPLETEReview FD2018 at Board meeting
05-11COMPLETEPopulate station operator assignments
05-05COMPLETEMailed press release
05-05COMPLETEInvited elected officials
05-05COMPLETEInvited police / fire / rescue
05-02COMPLETEPlanning Meals
05-02COMPLETECreated SoFL Traffic radiograms
04-28COMPLETEUpdate FD2018 Implementation Plan

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