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General Member Meeting October 2022

BRARA General Meeting minutes for 11-Oct-2022

The BRARA monthly association meeting was held via Zoom conference. The meeting was called to order by the Secretary, Mike K8BQ at  7:17 pm local. Attending: 24 Zoom participants.  Officers and directors provided an update of their club related activities. Members had the opportunity to provide a brief update of their activities. Tonights speaker is Jim Harrison K6OUE on his experience using a Hydrogen powered car.

Directors and Officers Present

Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, Bruce KO4XL, George WA2VNV, Ralph W1DAR, Jeff K4BH, Jay N2ELG

President: Bruce KO4XL

Happy to be back

Vice President :Ralph W1DAR

Ralph is workineg with Jay creating a list of surplus equipment to be sold at the club auction.  Fred KB4EE sold some of our excess equipment at the Melbourne hamfest last week.

Secretary: Mike K8BQ

Minutes for the August and September general meetings have been posted on the BRARA Blog. Motion to accept August minutes Jay S N2ELG. Second Ralph W1DAR. Motion carried. Motion to accept September minutes Jay S N2ELG. Second Jeff S K4BH. Motion carried. Currently at 181 members for 2022.

Treasurer: Bonnie KC2JVS

Bonnie provided a financial update for September. Total cash received was $539.40 which included $521.85 in memberships and $17.55 from Amazon Smile.  Expenses were $29.99 for Google storage until 2024 and $300.00 for a generator. Expenses that have not yet cleared are a one month electric bill in August for $148.97 and a quarterly bill for $354.89 (doc showed as cleared).

Director at Large: Jay S N2ELG

Jay has been working with Ralph going through the club equipment and taking pictures. It was suggested to get a lock to secure our generators in the shed. Ralph has a cable that can be used with a lock.

Director at Large: Jeff S K4BH

There have been no requests for aid outside the main impact area for Hurricane Ian. Winterfest is ramping up. Carol, KJ4AWB is the chair

George WA2VNV

Won’t be down until mid to late December. Barry KO4FBU has been helping with the rotator issues.

Director at Large Lou K4LA

Not present

Old Business- Radiator Grille

Henry WA2ROA aked those planning to attend the Radiator Grille on 10/22 to please RSVP so we can plan how much to buy.

New Business- none


Motion to adjourn by Jay N2ELG, second by Ralph W1DAR.  Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm followed by Jim Harrison’s presentation on Hydrogen cars.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Greenfeld K8BQ, Secretary