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General Member Meeting November 2020

General Member Meeting – November 2020

Director Attendance

Bruce KO4XL, Jeff K4BH, George WA2VNV, Patrick KE4OBV, John N1QFH, Jeff W4AEQ

MINUTES for 3-November 2020

The BRARA monthly association meeting was held via Zoom conference. The meeting was called to order by the President KO4XL at approx. 7:11 PM. Attending: 30 zoom participants. Each attendee shared their current status, projects and helpful information.

Secretary’s Report


Motion to accept September minutes Jay N2ELG, second Jeff K4BH

Motion to accept October minutes Jeff K4BH, second Jay N2ELG


Total paid members 158
New members 1
Pending online applications 1
Silent Keys 10
Associate members 1
Family members 26
Lifetime 5

New Members 

We welcome the following new member to BRARA

  • KO4DKN David Pomerantz
Additional information from the Secretary
  • New members receive an email welcoming them to BRARA and confirming receipt of dues.
  • New members also receive a packet with information about the club and how to use our web site.
  • John is looking to replace the newsletter with the weekly update.
  • John is also reaching out to former members who have recently dropped out and several have rejoined.

President’s Report

Review of Upcoming Meetings

  • Next BRARA meeting is 7:00pm Tuesday 1-Dec-2020 via ZOOM
  • Next BRARA Board meeting is 6.30pm Wed 14-Oct-2020 via ZOOM (2nd Wed of month)
  • BRARA Board Meeting  is 12:00 PM Sat 28-Nov-2020 via ZOOM (Sat before general meeting)

Bruce reminded the group that new members who joined after July-1 2020 are considered paid for 2020 and 2021, due to COVID-19.

Results of the internal FD competition

  • Winner: N3JT Jim 1025 QSO 2100 pts
  • Second place: N1QFH John 14 QSO 780 pts (lots of bonus pts)
  • Third place: Gary AB4LL 180 QSO 770 pts – people are starting to use it. Thanks to Mike W5MP for setting it up

Silent Keys – The Board has been addressing issues related to club Silent Keys.

  • Create an Honor Wall with a plaque listing Silent Keys
  • Potentially have pictures of Board members or other key members who impacted BRARA
  • Surviving Family Members of a deceased Member will be offered Life Membership

Club Elections – Elections will be held for a 7 member Board of Directors to serve for three years between January 2021 and December 2023.  The Board appoints 4 officers who do not have to be members of the Board.  All current club members other than Associate will receive a ballot listing all who have expressed an interest in becoming Board members.  Pick 7 and return by email by Nov 21. The Board for the next 3 years will be announced at the December meeting.

Training Classes via Zoom

Gold Coast is running a Zoom class for Miramar CER (Technician) Wednesday and Friday for 6 weeks with an in-person test in Miramar.

BRARA is looking into on-line test procedures and sponsoring VECs. We are also looking at Zoom classes for General and Extra in early 2021.

QSL Status Report: Ed N4II

No report

Vice President’s Report

Jeff W4AEQ – No report


Jay N2ELG gave net update for DMR Tech Net

 Treasurer’s report

Patrick KE4OBV presented his financial report.

Month end balance October $3,323.83
Emergency fund balance $2,000.00
Pending and outstanding expenses 0.00
Current month expenses $0.00
Projected future expenses $0.00
Deposits $210.00
Deposits Pending and not posted $0.00
Total deposits $210.00

Motion to accept treasurer’s report Louis K4LA, second George WA2VNV

Director at Large: Jerry.Z W4BFL

No report

Director at Large: Jeff.S K4BH

Keep an eye on Eta

Repeater Trustee: Lew K4LEW

No update

Director at Large: George.S  WA2VNV

Discussed DMR/Cellphone device reviewed in QST. Starting to see increase in sunspots and improved propagation.

Old Business

The following items were covered:

  • John N1QFH reported about the Zoom Auction. Everyone who participated seemed to have a good time
  • 156 bids
  • 26 donated items
  • 10 new owners
  • Duration of auction 2 hours 41 minutes
  • Donated amount $757.00
  • Packet station will be relocated from Boca hospital to the shack. Scheduled for November 13.
  • Remote station is on hold pending IP connectivity.

New Business

  • No new business


Pablo KK4YG will present on using DMR SMS and APRS after the business meeting has concluded.


With no further association business, meeting was adjourned at 8:44 pm local time.  Motion to adjourn Jay N2ELG, second Jeff K4BH

Respectfully submitted,
John Cole N1QFH, Secretary