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General Member Meeting May 2021

BRARA minutes for 4-May-2021

The BRARA monthly association meeting was held via Zoom conference. The meeting was called to order by the President KO4XL at  7:20 pm. Attending: 29 Zoom participants. Each attendee checked in with name call and location.  Officers and directors provided an update of their club related activities.

Directors and Officers Present

Bruce KO4XL, Ralph W1DAR, George WA2VNV Jeff K4BH, Jay N2ELG, John N1QFH, Lou K4LA, Bonnie KC2JVS

Director at Large; John N1QFH

Updates to the web sites. Simplex net coming up this weekend as is Armed Forces weekend.

Director at Large; Jay N2ELG

No formal report

Vice President; Ralph W1DAR

No formal report

Treasurer; Bonnie KC2JVS

She has checked our mailbox, no payments from pending members.  She presented the Treasurer’s report for the month of April 2021.

Secretary; K8BQ Mike

Not present but submitted membership report to Bruce and minutes which were posted to the web site. Motion to accept minutes as posted was made by Jay N2ELG seconded by Lou K4LA.  The minutes were approved.

Membership Mike K8BQ

The table below reflects current 2021 membership

Total members 166
Regular Members 127
Pending online applications 6
Silent Keys (2021) 2
Associate members 2
Family members 23
Lifetime 6

New Members 

We welcome the following new members to BRARA

  • Richard Gross K4BXK
  • Robert Abrams WA3LOK

Director at Large; George WA2VNV

No formal report

Director at Large; Jerry.Z  W4BFL

No report

Director at Large: Jeff S. K4BH

  • Hurricane season in 1 month
  • Get non-perishable stuff now – avoid the rush
  • Hook up with local ARES
  • Relaxed Covid restrictions but you should still be careful

Director at Large; Lou K4LA

Approved the reopening procedure for the Shack at our last board meeting. John did a nice job on the web site to request an operating  slot. The Audit committee has completed its work. No issues, everything is ok.

Bruce explained the process and that we expect to have a controlled reopening soon.

Old Business

The auction was successful. Pickup timing will be set up soon.

New Business

Jay N2ELG – could we look into tailgating in the park.  He asked who would be interested.

John N1QFH – new tab on the open web site called links with useful links.


Motion to adjourn by Ralph W1DAR, second by Jay S N2ELG.  Business meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Ed Callaway  N4II, provided a presentation on VOACAP.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Greenfeld K8BQ, Secretary