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General Member Meeting January 2021

Directors and Officers Present

Bruce KO4XL, Jeff K4BH, George WA2VNV, Jay N2ELG, John N1QFH, Lou K4LA, Ralph W1DAR, Bonnie KC2JVS, Mike K8BQ

MINUTES for 5-January-2021

The BRARA monthly association meeting was held via Zoom conference. The meeting was called to order by the President KO4XL at approx. 7:15 pm. Attending: 29 Zoom participants. Each attendee shared their current status, projects and helpful information.

Officers for Jan 2021-Dec 2023

The Board of Directors met on January 2 and elected the following officers.

  • President: Bruce Ratoff KO4XL
  • Vice President: Ralph Mele W1DAR
  • Treasurer: Bonnie Greenfeld KC2JVS
  • Secretary: Mike Greenfeld K8BQ

 Secretary’s Report


Moved by John N1QFH to accept December minutes as posted, second by George WA2VNV, accepted.


The table reflects current 2021 membership

Total members 115
New members 9
Pending online applications 0
Silent Keys (2021) 0
Associate members 1
Family members 14
Lifetime 5

New Members 

We welcome the following new members to BRARA

  • Todd Greenstein KC0NNL
    David Warner KB4ICU
    Yasuo Fujima KD6KTD
    Larry Gabriel K4BZY
    Mark Lindeman KS4G
    Heliene Curtiss c/o Sam WM3Q
    Jerrold Ziperstein N4TSC
    Jan Welten KO4AEP
    Mike Brumberger WB3DEL

President’s Report

Bruce reminded the membership of the BRARA site and its uses.

Review of Upcoming Meetings

  • Next BRARA general meeting is 7:00pm Tuesday 2-Feb-2021 via ZOOM
  • Next BRARA Board meeting is 6.00pm Wed 13-Jan-2021 via ZOOM (2nd Wed of month)
  • BRARA Board Meeting  is 10:00 PM Sat 30-Jan-2021 via ZOOM (Sat before general meeting)

QSL Status Report: Ed N4II

No report


Jay N2ELG gave net update for DMR Tech Net

Treasurer’s report Patrick KE4OBV

Final balance report

  • December 31, 2020: $7319.88
  • December 31, 2019: $4434.54
  • Current Month Expenses: $239.29
  • Current Month Deposits: $1778.45

Vice President: Ralph M. W1DAR

No report

Director at Large: Jerry.Z W4BFL

No report

Director at Large: John C. N1QFH

John pointed out upcoming events in January. Winter Field Day on January 30 and 31 as well as the Winter Heat VHF simplex contest. He also pointed out updates to the BRARA web site.

Director at Large: Jeff.S K4BH

No report

Repeater Trustee: Lew K4LEW

No update

Director at Large: George.S  WA2VNV

VHF contest coming up weekend of Jan 16 and 17

Old Business

The following items were covered:

  • No old business

New Business

  • No new business


Matthew KO4DJG on “micro-processors.”


Moved by Jay N2ELG, second Joe WA3OPX, adjourned at 8:07 pm local time.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Greenfeld K8BQ, Secretary