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DMR Microwave Update

Today 25-Nov-2019 Jerry W4BFL, Lew W4LEW, Jerry’s son Anthony KM4MFX and Grant W4KEK teamed up to address improving the existing setup at  the site which were: Remotely control the repeater settings and controls Improve data transfer rate between the repeater site and FAU The following are some picture of the repeater site closet This is […]

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Article: Chak (VU2TTC): The blind Genious of ham radio in India

  Acknowledgement: -Sri Deepak Sarma (from The Hindu) -Staff Reporter, The Hindu -Sri B.M. Hedge, VU2HEG -OM Chakravarthy, VU2TTCPublished in “The Hindu”, Sunday, July 28, 1985 Chak (VU2TTC) amidst his homebrewed ham radio station Twelve years back, Mr. B.M. Hedge, VU2HEG (who was the Vice-Chairman of Karnataka Regional Engineering College Amateur Radio Club) arranged an […]

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Trivia: Technician license

A bit of history:  The Technician license was created by FCC as part of the 1951 restructuring that expanded the old “ABC” system. This restructuring also gave us the Novice and Extra licenses, and renamed the old A, B and C licenses as Advanced, General and Conditional, respectively. But why the Technician? There hangs a […]