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COVID-19 Timeline

As of 20-May-2020

17-Nov-2019 China tracked 1st Covid-19
11-Jan-2020 China reports 1st COVID-19 death
30-Jan-2020 WHO declares global health emergency
31-Jan-2020 USA reports 1st COVID-19 case
31-Jan-2020 Pres Trump announces conditional China travel ban
04-Feb-2020 1st COVID-19 death reported outside China
04-Feb-2020 Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined
04-Feb-2020 Dr Wenliang who warned of COVID-19 died
11-Feb-2020 WHO renames coronavirus to COVID-19
24-Feb-2020 US stock market plummets over COVID-19 fears
26-Feb-2020 1st case of suspected local transmission in US
29-Feb-2020 FL labs can process COVID-19 tests
29-Feb-2020 1st death reported in US
01-March-2020 First 2 Floridians tested positive for COVID-19
02-March-2020 AARP warns Florida nursing homes to prepare
02-March-2020 FL DOH issues guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19
02-March-2020 UCF asks students and employees to use caution when traveling
03-March-2020 FL DOH sets up COVID-19 hotline
04-March-2020 BRARA March membership meeting at The Shack
04-March-2020 CDC expands guidelines for COVID-19 testing
05-March-2020 Two COVID-19 patients die in Florida
08-March-2020 The Regal Princess is ordered to remain offshore South FL
08-March-2020 Publix limits items customers can purchase
09-March-2020 BRARA Board considers status of Radiator Grill
09-March-2020 FL House members exposed to COVID-19
09-March-2020 Gov DeSantis declares a state of emergency
11-March-2020 Man traveling from New York to Florida tested positive
11-March-2020 Gov DeSantis places limits on who can visit nursing homes
11-March-2020 CDC awards $27 million to Florida to stop the virus’ spread
11-March-2020 Florida universities moving to remote instruction
11-March-2020 CDC deemed COVID-19 a pandemic.
12-March-2020 Pres Trump announces Europe travel ban
13-March-2020 BRARA Spring Radiator Grill cancelled
13-March-2020 BRARA General class and testing cancelled
15-March-2020 Universal Orlando Resort and Disney World closed
15-March-2020 CDC warns against large gatherings
17-March-2020 PBC Events / activities suspended
17-March-2020 BRARA shack and compound closed, park still open
17-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders bars and nightclubs closed
17-March-2020 COVID-19 present in all 50 states
18-March-2020 BRARA Board mid-month meeting via Zoom
18-March-2020 China reports no new local infections
19-March-2020 Stores announces senior shopping hours
20-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders restaurants switch to take-out / delivery
20-March-2020 Orange County institutes curfew
20-March-2020 New York City declared US outbreak epicenter
21-March-2020 Florida: 706 confirmed cases
22-March-2020 PBC boat ramps and marinas closed
22-March-2020 PBC non-regional parks closed
23-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders anyone flying from NY, NJ CT to FL self-isolates
23-March-2020 Gov DeSantis asks Trump for a major disaster declaration
23-March-2020 Florida: 1,227 cases
24-March-2020 AD Hoc Free Net Time begins Mon-Sat 7am and 7pm
24-March-2020 Stay-at-home for Miami-Dade, Alachua, Orange
24-March-2020 Half COVID-19 cases are in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach
24-March-2020 Florida – 1,467 cases
24-March-2020 Japan postpones Olympics
25-March-2020 PBC parks and golf courses closed
26-March-2020 US leads the world in COVID-19 cases
27-March-2020 Pres Trump signs $2 trillion stimulus bill
27-March-2020 UK PM Johnson tests positive
30-March-2020 PBC beaches closed
30-March-2020 Gov DeSantis asks retired first responders/medical to help
30-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders stay at home for PBC
30-March-2020 Florida – 5,704 cases, 71 deaths
30-March-2020 CDC lifts restrictions for virus testing
01-April-2020 Gov DeSantis issues a statewide stay-at-home order
02-April-2020 Global cases hit 1 million
02-April-2020 Cruise ship docks in FL
04-April-2020 BRARA Board agenda meeting via Zoom
05-April-2020 Florida: 12,350 cases, 221 deaths
07-April-2020 BRARA Breakfast Club meets on 145.29 Tuesdays at 9am
07-April-2020 BRARA general member meeting via Zoom
08-April-2020 PBC has two drive up testing sites
09-April-2020 Boca Raton & Delray Beach issue face mask order
11-April-2020 PBC urging face mask use
12-April-2020 Eight members of South Florida attorney’s family have COVID-19
14-April-2020 Florida to receive 1M more N95 masks
15-April-2020 BRARA Board mid-month meeting via Zoom
15-April-2020 China case study on how hard to get economies going again
16-April-2020 SBA runs out of money for the Paycheck Protection Program
18-April-2020 Gov DeSantis approves safely reopening some beaches and parks
18-April-2020 Gov DeSantis: students continue distance learning to school year end
19-April-2020 Florida: 25,492 cases, 750 deaths
19-April-2020 Palm Beach: 2,138 cases, 114 deaths, Men: 1,027, Women: 1,045
19-April-2020 Some FL boat ramps reopen
19-April-2020 Pres Trump uses DPA to force manufacturers to create test swabs
20-April-2020 FL endangered sea turtles thriving thanks to Covid-19 restrictions
20-April-2020 Nursing staff worked without masks; masks sanitizer gloves locked-up
20-April-2020 Gov DeSantis to hold reopen Florida task force meeting
20-April-2020 Disney furloughs 70,000 of the resort’s employees
20-April-2020 Protesters gather calling on officials to reopen Florida
22-April-2020 Gov DeSantis declared flattened curve
23-April-2020 Palm Beach County Directive to Wear Facial Covers
28-April-2020 PBC opens recreational facilities on limited basis
29-April-2020 Gov DeSantis begins lifting stay-at-home orders 4-May
29-April-2020 PBC authorizes reopening parks, golf, pools, tennis
01-May-2020 Pharmacies facing shortages of protective gear, supplies, vitamins
01-May-2020 State authorized PBC to begin Phase 1 of reopening 11-May
04-May-2020 Most of FL reopen subject to restrictions
05-May-2020 BRARA general member meeting via Zoom
11-May-2020 Barbershops, salons, restaurants, other businesses reopen
16-May-2020 PBC authorizes reopening beaches with restrictions
19-May-2020 US cruise ship workers reunited with family
19-May-2020 Palm Beach: 4,699 cases, 284 deaths
19-May-2020 Broward: 6,369 cases, 282 deaths
19-May-2020 Miami-Dade: 15,942 cases, 578 deaths (highest in FL)
19-May-2020 Florida: 46,944 cases, 2,052 deaths
19-May-2020 USA: 1,528,661 cases, 91,938 deaths
19-May-2020 Global: 4,911,902 cases, 323,579 deaths
20-May-2020 Kids with COVID-19 related syndrome need immediate attention
20-May-2020 CDC releases detailed guidance on reopening
20-May-2020 BRARA Board mid-month meeting via Zoom



Major Announcement: COVID-19

A letter to all members and friends of the
Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association

My Friends,

The novel Corona virus known as COVID-19 is a source of great concern to all of us.  There are many things not yet known about this virus, but it is clear by what we have heard from recognized public health experts that it is something to be taken very seriously.

Several BRARA events are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. I have been wrestling with the question of how to balance the desire to continue BRARA’s programs against the need to do what we can as an organization to avoid contributing to the risks posed by COVID-19.

I have taken into consideration the following factors:

 The majority of our members fall into at least one of the high-risk groups designated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  • While our social events generally include the sharing of food, we lack the necessary equipment and training to comply with Safe-Serve standards.
  • The CDC recommends the frequent washing of hands, particularly after touching shared objects and surfaces (door knobs, switches, etc.).  Our lack of running water limits our ability to comply with this recommendation.
  • Health authorities recommend maintaining a distance of six feet between individuals.  The limited space in our station makes this impossible when more than a few people are present.
  • Our club radios and associated equipment are common touch points that would be very difficult to disinfect without causing damage or overly limiting their usability.
  • The public reaction to the constant stream of disturbing news has caused shortages of many common household supplies.  This poses a challenge in obtaining adequate materials and supplies to keep our trailer clean and disinfected.
  • Public health authorities continue to advise that gatherings of people be avoided.

For these reasons I have taken the following actions:

  • The Radiator Grille scheduled for March 21 is postponed.  The new date has not yet been determined.
  • The General License class and test scheduled for the weekends of March 28 and April 4 is postponed.  The new date has not yet been determined.

These and other measures will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in the coming weeks.  It is possible that additional actions may be taken by the Board, so please monitor our website and email blasts for any future updates.


For the latest status and recommendations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult the Center for Disease Control website:  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS CDC

I share with you my prayer that we all make it safely through this global crisis.

Take care and be well.


Bruce Ratoff, KO4XL
Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association