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Board Meeting 21-Oct-2020

Date: Saturday 21-October 2020   Location: via Zoom   Start Time: 6.10 pm

Attendance:  Bruce KO4XL, George WA2VNV, Jeff.S K4BH, Jeff.R W4AEQ, Bonnie KC2JSV, Michael.G K8BQ,   Art WA8VSJ, John N1QFH

The following items were discussed and actions assigned:


This was a virtual meeting using Zoom.


The board discussed action items and updates. Goal is to warp up these memorials by year end.

ACTION: John.C will connect with Frank London’s family for a profile picture.

ACTION: John.C will connect with Delray plaque supplier and samples.

ACTION: Bruce will continue with ARRL brick research and costs

ACTION: Bruce and John.C will collect silent key details and pictures

MOTION: Moved by Jeff.R, second by Jeff.S that BRARA grant 3 recipients (KE4JQ, WA4PDF, KB4EE) Lifetime status given Member Silent Key Board Policy. Motion carries.


BOD discussed how to support and level of effort. So far about 80 active BRARA members have enrolled in GIO.

ACTION: Bruce will continue to manage

ACTION: As needed Bruce will request members set display name and CALLSIGN


The Shack remains closed. Board regularly reviews the COVID status. The parking lot at shack is a mud bath, have asked county via Walt on options. BOD discussed park status.

ACTION: John.C will replace filter about December 2020 and pursue getting a HEPA  / MERV-13 filter

ACTION: John.C will take picture of filter and send to Bruce; will rotate antennas weekly and periodically oil cable and drum; will use weed killer as needed.


Need to discuss winter field day details and planning.

ACTION: Bruce will process member inter-club results


Most payments have been submitted by PayPal, only a few are by paper check. Michael.G and John.C continue to shadow roles and tasks. All new members from 1-July 2020 have been acknowledged with certificate and letter. John.C communicated with all these new members. John.C continues to acknowledge via email payments and new members payments. John.C will add when acknowledging.

ACTION: John.C will add printing of certificate web enabled. John.C will send to Bruce all new members since 1-July-2020 and who renews for 2021.

ACTION: Bruce and John.C will review how to incorporate CALLSIGN into PayPal

ACTION: Bruce to create secondary logon

ACTION: Bruce to generate PayPal report for Patrick


No updates. We have to reach out to Jerry for updates.

ACTION: Art, Lew, and Jerry will relocate dish on 2m or 70cm antenna

ACTION: Jerry to determine when the dish relocation can occur and advise Art, George and Lew

ACTION: Jerry to review with FAU who can be a partner /contact


Reviewed status. John.C suggested board download and install client. Bruce raised remote operation when in any content and grid to choose. George said you need to setup another certificate and you’re good to operate.


John.C updated board on packet repeater recovery plans. Jeff.S said GCARA repeater needs repeater turned down and put amplifier in place. The team consists of John.C, Jeff.S, Art.L, Ricky.A and Walt providing his truck. We have worked out logistics and need to identify day and time. Bruce asked for update on what is in repeater rack, it remains unknown. The 2-m repeater continues to be noisy when it rains and the dead-zone when compromised weather. We reviewed EchoLink and WinXP use at Bruce’s QTH.

ACTION: Bruce to connect with Lew to update our DMR repeater details on database

ACTION: John.C will manage Boca Hospital repeater recovery

ACTION: Art and Lew to continue site repairs


George and Rick reviewed status of rotors.

ACTION: John.C will connect with Rick to see if rotors should be rebuilt

ACTION: Satellite team look into refurbishing rotors

ACTION: Relocate fan-dipole antenna that may block the satellite system


ACTION: Bruce will send letter when full services restored


Board reviewed status. PBC park was not a resource.

ACTION: Bruce will continue linkage with Life Safety Solutions for AED.


ACTION: Bruce will pursue alternate badge suppliers

(check with

ACTION: Patrick will check his record for those who paid for badges and shirts


Board discussed testing and options to resume.

ACTION: Jay, Jeff.R, Roger, Al to define DMR curriculum

ACTION: Bruce will define logistics for  licensing classes

ACTION: Bruce will connect with Jerry.Z on testing plans


Board discussed welfare call status. Bruce reviewed his plans on board elections. BOD discussed member privileges and benefits for flyer.

ACTION: Bruce will communicate to members for elections around November meeting and return by date TBA in November.

ACTION: John.C and Michael K8BQ will continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Patrick and Bonnie to continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Board will continue member good and welfare checks

ACTION: Bruce will send to John.C list of member privilege

ACTION: John.C will send renewal reminder for 2021

ACTION: John.C will post Census and MailChimp list to Google drive

ACTION: Board will send list of BRARA accomplishments to Bruce

ACTION: Bruce will review minutes and feedback for list of accomplishments


Board reviewed Zoom auction status and logistics.

ACTION: Jay will continue reviving laptops and desktops

ACTION: Bruce to get drive and rail kit for Jay to install in desktop

ACTION: Jay and John.C to access CPU and displays to KEEP

ACTION: Jay, Bruce, Mike.G and John.C to hold Zoom Auction


Board discussed doing ad hoc Zoom meetings to fill in place of Wednesdays and Saturdays.

ACTION: John.C will send AC filter size to Bruce

ACTION: Jerry to re-key storage room locks and distribute

ACTION: Jeff.R and Bruce to coordinate training and re-keying shack and gate

ACTION: John.C to install di-pole lightening protectors

ACTION: Jeff.R will change shack door combination


  • Satellite System
  • Repair Ameritron HF Amplifier
  • Acquire AED for The Shack
  • IP FAU-to-Shack
  • Relocate FAU dish at repeater site


We have a few others lined up for 2021.

November: Pablo KK4YG on “Digital APRS / SMS”

December: Norm Fusaro, W3IZ ARRL Director of Operations on “ARRL Direction”

January: Matthew KO4DJG on micro-processors used to connect radios and other devices


ACTION: Bruce will continue addressing refrigerator repair

Next Board Zoom meetings:

    • Agenda: Saturday 12.00 pm   31-October 2020
    • Mid-month: Wednesday 6.00 pm  11-November-2020

Adjourn: Motion by John.C and 2nd by Jeff.S adjourn at 7.46 pm and zoom ended

Respectfully submitted

John Cole N1QFH / Secretary