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What is NVIS?

Posted by Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ on December 21, 2021 at 7:25 pm CLICK FOR NVIS NVIS stands for Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave. It is used for local-to-medium distances on HF. This is the opposite of DX, which is meant for long distances. The radio waves from NVIS travel near-vertically upwards into the ionosphere, where they are refracted back […]

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Ham radio antenna hints and tips

– some essential hints and tips for radio amateurs or radio hams about deciding upon how to install the best radio antenna or aerial for operating on the amateur radio bands. A radio antenna is the crucial link in any receiving or transmitting station whether it is used for ham radio, short-wave listening, or for […]

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New Hams Corner: Antenna selecting

Most technicians start off with a HT so they don’t think about the most important part of the transmit system…the antenna. You can use an external antenna to get: more gain, a better line of sight to the station you are transmitting to or simply for better reception. Remember the 3db gain rule. If you […]