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DMR Pi-Star Hotspot Parts List

1.Raspberry Pi Zero W (
2.UHF Radio Board (
CLICK HERE FOR Hotspot Module & Antenna
( 282909951212 )
3. OLED Display com (

(Yellow-Blue Double Color 128×64 OLED LCD LED Display Module for Arduino 0.96” I2C IIC Communicate)

  • MUST have pins in this order: VCC-GND-SCL-SDA

4. A 16GB MicroSD memory card com at BestBuy or WalMart

5. Case by Paul, WB2HHH
Tell him it’s the same case that W4AEQ has ordered.
Specify what color you’d like, and what callsign should be printed on the case.

DMR: New version of Contact Manager version 2.61

We have just released N0GSG Contact Manager version 2.61. N0GSG Contact Manager is the “goto” software for working with codeplug data in many different makes of DMR radios, including Connect Systems, Tytera, AnyTone, and others. It allows you to freely edit information in all supported codeplugs, and also allows you to migrate data freely between any supported radio types using copy and paste commands for individual elements (such as contacts, channels, or zones), or Structural Import for seamlessly migrating complete codeplug structures.

Version 2.61 incorporates support for the new TYT MD-UV380, an enhanced DMR Database Search Facility, and for radios with multi-bank zones, a Mirroring Command to copy between A and B sections of these zones.

Version 2.61 features enhanced Mass Change and Zone Wizard functionality. Within the Mass Change command, you can now specify a custom transmit frequency to account for non-standard repeater splits. In Zone Wizard, you can now tell Contact Manager to divide a large group of related channels into multiple zones – – this feature is quite handy for building zones to cover geographic areas with lots of DMR repeaters and talkgroups.

Radio ID recently upgraded its servers to secure HTTP (HTTPS) – – Version 2.61 is now able to connect with Radio ID to obtain full DMR record information for all but European DMR stations. Version 2.61 continues to merge Radio ID and Ham Digital data so that all DMR records are available.

Within the DMR Online Database Searcher we’ve also added a new CSV Contact Exporter that will allow you to export properly-formatted CSV contact files for radios such as the MD-2017, MD-9600, and MD-UV380, so that you can load additional contacts (up to 100,000) for these radios.

The documentation for Contact Manager is updated and explains how to use the new features.

N0GSG Contact Manager is delivered via secured servers that are scanned daily for malware. Our site and software are 100% safe for your computer (we can make this claim only if you download Contact Manager direct from our site at is well known that certain anti-virus software (including Windows Defender) is notorious for delivering false-positive reports. You may view an authoritative scan of this entire site and its content by visiting Virus Total.

Our next update will be addition of new radios to extend the usefulness of Contact Manager to as many users as possible. We welcome your input on this software and very much appreciate your support for the Contact Manager project.


Tom Wheeler
Amateur Radio Station NØGSG
Overland Park, KS

DMR: Questions surround Hytera’s DMR future in U.S.

[Editor’s note: This story was updated on the morning of July 4 to include a response provided by Hytera Communications.]

China-based Hytera Communications’ ability to import and sell certain DMR equipment and software into the United States could be jeopardized later this year or early next year after U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) administrative law judge today determined that Hytera has infringed on four Motorola Solutions patents.

“I have found that complainant Motorola Solutions has proven, by a preponderance of evidence, that respondents Hytera Communications, Hytera America, and Hytera Communications America have violated subsection (b) of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930,” according to the determination from ITC Administrative Law Judge MaryJoan McNamara. “I have found that Hytera has not proven, by clear and convincing evidence, that any of the asserted claims of any of the identified patents are invalid.

“I have recommended that a Cease and Desist Order and a Limited Exclusion Order with a certification provision be issued against each of the Hytera respondents.”

In today’s determination, McNamara found that Hytera Communications infringed four Motorola Solutions’ patents and that Motorola Solutions met the legal requirement of showing a “technical domestic industry” on three of the four patents. McNamara recommended that ITC commissioners approve an order prohibiting Hytera importing and selling product that utilize Motorola Solutions’ U.S. Patents No. 7,369,869, 7,729,701 and 8,279,991.

Released this afternoon, McNamara’s opinion is the “final initial determination” for the investigation that has been conducted by the ITC since the case was filed in March 2017. Today was the scheduled deadline for McNamara to issue a determination, which ITC commissioners will consider before making a ruling—possibly one that mirrors McNamara’s recommendation to prohibit Hytera from importing or selling certain patent-infringing products in the U.S. as early as later this year.

Typically, the ITC commission makes its rulings within four months of an administrative law judge’s determination, with the ruling often becoming effective within a few days after the ruling is announced. However, the U.S. president—currently Trump—has up to 60 days to review the ITC commission’s ruling and potentially overturn it, if the president deems it to be in the public interest.

If Hytera is prohibited from importing and selling certain goods in the U.S., existing customers of the infringing Hytera products will not be asked to shut down their existing systems as a practical matter, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation. Whether these existing Hytera customers may encounter problems getting replacement parts or software upgrades to their systems likely would be determined by the details of any remedy included in the final ITC ruling, according to the sources.

Although Motorola Solutions initially filed its patent-infringement claims against Hytera Communications in U.S. district court, many industry observers have been especially interested in the case before the ITC, which tends to issue rulings and implement any remedies more quickly than a legal court.

Mark Hacker, Motorola Solutions’ general counsel and chief administrative officer, expressed support for McNamara’s determination.

“Judge McNamara’s ruling validates our allegations, upholds the integrity of our intellectual property and rebukes Hytera for its unscrupulous and unlawful behavior in willfully infringing Motorola Solutions’ patents,” Hacker said in a prepared statement. “While we consider the initial determination an important step, it is only one component of our global efforts to address Hytera’s systematic, brazen and egregious theft and infringement of our intellectual property.

“Motorola Solutions has a long and distinguished track record of innovation, with an extensive portfolio of approximately 5,000 patents. We are committed to vigorously defending our valuable intellectual property as we continue to drive innovation for our customers. We greatly appreciate the diligent work undertaken by Judge McNamara and the ITC staff during this investigation, and we are confident that the full ITC will uphold this decision and enter a final determination consistent with today’s findings.”

In a statement provided to IWCE’s Urgent Communications on Wednesday morning, Hytera Communications noted that McNamara’s determination found infringement on only four of the seven patents that were part the original Motorola Solutions complaint to the ITC last March. Hytera Communication said it would seek a reversal of McNamara’s determination, while noting that the company’s products currently can be sold in the U.S. pending further decisions and that new products developed by Hytera do not infringe on Motorola Solutions’ patents.

“Hytera is disappointed with this initial determination,” according to the Hytera Communications statement. “We will ask the [ITC] Commission to review and reverse this decision. We believe our products do not infringe our competitor’s asserted patents and will seek to demonstrate this to the Commission.

“Importantly, since the Commission has not issued its final decision, there is no ban on the importation or sale of any Hytera products. Furthermore, Hytera has developed new products, which Hytera also believes do not infringe any of the asserted patents and which we previously presented to the ITC for its consideration. We are confident our new products do not infringe our competitor’s asserted patents.

“Innovation is the core value of Hytera. We will continue to focus on providing innovative, high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable products and solutions for our dealers and customers here in the U.S., as we do around the world.”

On March 14, 2017, Motorola Solutions filed lawsuits against Hytera Communications, claiming that the China-based LMR manufacturer infringed on several Motorola Solutions patents in its development of digital DMR products that have claimed significant market share in the enterprise-communications space. Hytera gained access to the Motorola Solutions intellectual property in 2008, when it hired three former Motorola engineers who stole more than 7,000 computer files depicting the patented technologies prior to their resignation, according to Motorola’s lawsuit.

On March 29, 2017, Motorola Solutions filed a complaint regarding the alleged patent infringements with the ITC, which acts as an administrative body within the executive branch of the U.S. government.

With McNamara’s determination in place, the matter will be considered by the full U.S. International Trade Commission. ITC commissioners are expected to decide whether to review McNamara’s determination and/or make an alternative ruling—by Nov. 6.

If ITC commissioners decide not to review the determination, McNamara’s recommendation that Hytera be prohibited from importing and selling the identified DMR product would become the rule of law, subject to a potential presidential review by Trump. If the ITC commissioners do not review the case, the ruling could become effective much earlier than Nov. 6.

If ITC commissioners choose to review the case, they would consider McNamara’s recommendation and the evidence from the proceedings in the matter, but the commissioners are not bound by McNamara’s determination that Hytera should be prohibited from importing and/or selling products associated with the alleged patent infringement. ITC commissioners can reach a different finding than the administrative law judge, suggest a different remedy or return the case back to McNamara, according to multiple sources.

An ITC ruling that reverses McNamara’s findings would let Hytera Communications to continue selling its current product portfolio in the United States.

An ITC commission ruling against Hytera Communications that calls for the company to stop importing patent-infringing goods into the U.S. or being sold in the country typically would become effective with a few days of the ruling being announced.

Despite this effective date, the Hytera products theoretically could continue to be imported and sold in the U.S. during the 60-day presidential review. However, during this time, any sales could be subject to a bond—sometimes as much as 100% of the product’s value—that would be paid to the complainant, which is Motorola Solutions in this case. As a practical matter, such a bond often discourages the company that is being penalized from trying to sell infringing products in the U.S. during this time, according to a source familiar with ITC proceedings.

McNamara’s determination recommends the inclusion of such a bond, if the matter reaches the presidential-review stage.

Presidential reversal of an ITC commission ruling is rare, but Trump would have the right to do so, if he deemed it to be in the public interest. Some industry sources familiar with the situation have wondered whether the status of currently tense U.S.-China trade negotiations could impact considerations during a potential presidential review, but none of them indicated that they had any knowledge whether trade talks could be a factor in this case.

ITC commission rulings can be appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, but the ban on patent-infringing goods usually remains in effect during the appeal process, unless the appeals court decides to grant a stay in the matter, according to a source familiar with ITC procedures.


Urgent Communications
6190 Powers Ferry Rd. Suite 320
Atlanta, GA 30339


Nets: DMR Nets

Times are in Central (CST)

01:00PM EU ENG TG-92
01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
02:00PM Europe TG-92
06:00PM Hot Spots / HAM Radio TG-31772
06:00PM Light Christian TG-31479
06:00PM Young Persons 31012
07:00PM So East FL Tech TG-3112529
07:00PM TAC310 DMR-MARC TG-310
07:30PM CONN TG-3109
08:00PM DMR-Track TG-31489
08:00PM VE7LE TED TG-302
11:00PM DMR VE7LE TG-311

12:00PM Cyprus Monday TG-280
01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
06:30PM FR Monday 3027
08:10PM OK VOIP TG-3140
09:30PM LCMS Disaster Response TG-310703
10:00PM PAPA Roundtable CA Statewide TG-3106

06:00AM KOWABUNGA TG-31674
01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
06:00PM VE3ORF / 3730 TG-3026
07:00PM IN Statewide TG-3118
07:00PM PA Radio AM ateurs TG-3142
07:30PM TX Statewide TG-31648
08:00PM ID Statewide TG-3116
08:30PM Hytera BrandMeister USA TG-31089
09:00PM AR Statewide TG-3105
09:30PM Ventura County Club VCDRC TG-31070
10:00PM SNARS weekly TG-31328

12:00PM Cyprus TG-2806
01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
04:00PM NA Tech TG-93
07:00PM SW VA TG-3151
07:00PM MN Statewide TG-3127
07:30PM OH Statewide 3139
07:30PM TX TG-31648
08:00PM Astronomy TG-31175
09:00PM PACIFIC NW TG-31771
10:00PM EU Europe TG-92

01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
06:00PM Kings County RC TG-31653
07:00PM AR SKYWARN TG-3105 TG-3105
07:00PM IL Digital TG-31171
07:00PM KY KY TG-3121
07:00PM WV TG-3154
07:00PM WV and Service TG-3154
07:30PM Hytera BrandMeister USA TG-31089
08:00PM 100W on wire NE TG-13
08:00PM AR TG-3105
08:00PM IL digital TG-31171
08:00PM Kings County RC TG-31653
08:00PM NA Tech TG-3
09:00PM NORTHERN CA TG-31063
09:00PM Ventura County Club VCDRC TG-310652
09:30PM OK VOIP TG-3140

01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
07:00PM Triangle NC Question TG-31371
07:30PM TGIF TG-9
08:00PM LO Statewide TG-3122
08:30PM CO HD Hotspot Discussion TG-31088

09:00AM FR TG-3022
11:00AM WW TG91 WW TG-91
01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815
02:30PM OUTDOOR 4X4 GROUP TG-31772
07:00PM TAC310 TG-310
07:00PM WIA news TG-31674
08:00PM AR Newsline TG-31674

73 Doug KE5CDK

DMR: Register Chinese Radios with Brandmeister

If your Chinese radio does not work on the Gold Coast repeater 443.3500  / CC-11, you need to REGISTER your callsign with Brandmeister (CLICK HERE).

When you have accessed the Brandmeister website, on MENU find and click REGISTER.

When General Account Details page appears enter and select the following:

  • Enter your CALLSIGN and EMAIL
  • For Account Type select Personal User Account
  • For Security enter your new Password two times as confirmation
  • When Anti Spam question “What is the wavelength of the UHF band in centimeters?” is asked enter 70.
  • For DMR ID enter one of your known ID
  • When asking “I’m not a robot” click the BOX.
  • Finally CLICK the button REGISTER

When this is done, Logon and click on your CALLSIGN located on the MENU after which a dropdown appears. Select SELF-CARE

When you see the SELF-CARE, find BRAND dropdown list and select “Chinese Radio”

When this is done, find SAVE button and CLICK on it to save your work.

This completes the process.

DMR-FL Local Tech Net is every Sunday at 20:00L on TS2 TG2 of your local DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister

Just a reminder that the DMR-FL Local Tech Net is every Sunday at 20:00L on TS2 TG2 of your local DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister. Please be courteous and hold to the 5 second rule between DMR transmissions. You are receiving this email because you expressed an interest in DMR in the past.  If you no longer desire to receive this and similar emails, reply with the following message: PLEASE REMOVE ME FM DISTRIBUTION. If this email is bounced back, you will be removed from the list. If you know someone else who would benefit from these emails, please have them email me with the following message: PLEASE INCLUDE ME IN FUTURE DMR-FL DISTRIBUTIONS. Welcome  N3BAH, W4KJP, WB4CDH, M6LHF, N4XUX, WD4AB who recently joined the net or expressed an interest in the net. Email addresses are obtained from QRZ and/or provided by the addressees. No email addresses on QRZ  for the above in red. You may from time to time receive text message reminders on your DMR radio.

Gerald B. Gawaldo, GISP
KG4FUR USA | HC2GBT ECU | 3112249 DMR | WQUA611 GMRS | 7L Boca Raton CERT
5724 Regency Circle West, Boca Raton, FL 33496-2760 USA
1.561.995.5004 home | 1.561.995.7091 fax | 1.561.706.8338 cell | | |