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DMR Microwave Update

Today 25-Nov-2019 Jerry W4BFL, Lew W4LEW, Jerry’s son Anthony KM4MFX and Grant W4KEK teamed up to address improving the existing setup at  the site which were: Remotely control the repeater settings and controls Improve data transfer rate between the repeater site and FAU The following are some picture of the repeater site closet This is […]

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DMR Pi-Star Hotspot Parts List

1.Raspberry Pi Zero W ( 2.UHF Radio Board ( CLICK HERE FOR Hotspot Module & Antenna ( 282909951212 ) 3. OLED Display com ( (Yellow-Blue Double Color 128×64 OLED LCD LED Display Module for Arduino 0.96” I2C IIC Communicate) MUST have pins in this order: VCC-GND-SCL-SDA 4. A 16GB MicroSD memory card com at BestBuy […]