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BRARA Weekly Update for 2020-11-28

DMR TG-311037
EchoLink 826953

“They are worthy of leading…”  Jackson.Q KM4MFZ (sk)

  • General Zoom meeting Tue 1-Dec 7pm CLICK HERE
  • Presenter: Norm Fusaro, W3IZ on “ARRL Direction”
  • BRARA Early Bird 2021 Dues began 1-Oct 2020
  • BrandMeister password required CLICK
  • ARRL Weekly Audio News CLICK HERE
  • Watch BRARA November Meeting CLICK HERE 

Tuesday 1-Dec at 7pm via Zoom conference.Join Zoom Meeting: CLICK HERE

Meeting ID: 865 5255 5294
Password: 123456


Voting has ended. Thank you for voting. 

Bruce KO4XL will review the results at December meeting.


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 Norm W3IZ ARRL Director of Operations 

Norm Fusaro is the Director of Operations at ARRL Headquarters and is responsible for the programs and services that create value for members of the ARRL. These programs include; DXCC and awards; LoTW; ARRL Lab and Technical Information Service; W1AW; QST and publications; ARES and Emergency Preparedness; Affiliated Clubs and Field Services; Regulatory Information; and VEC license exams. In addition to his work at HQ, Norm works with other IARU societies promoting on-the air activity.

Norm has been a licensed Amateur since 1984, is now an Extra class operator, and enjoys contesting and DXing and casual operating on the HF bands. Before joining the staff at ARRL Headquarters, Fusaro had taught many Amateur Radio licensing classes and has mentored dozens of hams.  Norm is originally from Pennsylvania and grew up in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. He and his wife Debbie, W3DAF now reside in Bristol, CT.

 Accepting subscription request 

Please subscribe to our email distribution process. If you need a reminder invitation, email to request it. Please include in that email request your first name, call sign, and email address which is recorded as your primary email account in the BRARA member roster. 


This is a new feature to our weekly updates.

 CLICK  Cyber Security by Seth KC2WE

 CLICK  Channel capacity by Seth KC2WE

 CLICK AMSAT Status by Pablo KK4YG

If you find an interesting website others may enjoy and find useful, please send your NAMECALLSIGN and the WEBSITE URL to John.C N1QFH by email  to

Thank you!


The next key step to operate a transceiver at the shack from a remote device (CLICK HERE FMI) is to implement a solid microwave IP signal from the repeater site to the shack (see above request for Tower Climbers). Once that is done, we can begin testing the process. Contact John.C N1QFH with questions.

     BRARA 2021 Dues now OPEN

1-OCT-2020 you may use the revised PayPal process or personal check to our mailbox. We look forward to a full year of many projects even with COVID-19 and yes the Member tools are always undergoing updates. Please be watching for a list of what BRARA has accomplished and what we’re planning in 2021.

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Thank you for your support which is vital to our success.

NOTE: If you have paid your dues and have NOT received an email confirming payment, please contact John.C by email

The following are our 2020 members we always carry in our heart.Erin Trayner KJ4UTM
Jackson Quarquesso KM4MFZ
Max Kearns N4CGC
Steve Ostrove K2SOCLICK for all our SK’s
The following are new members after July. Please welcome them aboard:NOVEMBER
Jeff Toeniskoetter KO4HLK

Bruce Berenson WB2LSU
Thomas Clements W6WGT
Mike Pilgrim K5MP
Jose Berrios KO4FUM
Joseph  Steinberg WA3OPX

Matthew Singerle KO4DJG
Allan Kaplan KO4ECG
John Boudreaux K1JBX
Stephen Yacullo KB2NQN

The following are some Membership statistics
Members 170
Active 130
Associates 1
Family 24
Lifetime 5
Silent Keys 10
Advance 12
Extra 85
General 42
Technician 26
Novice 1
Total Renewals 62
2020 New Members 27
—Renew after Jan 5
—Renew after July 13
Total Renewed 56
Not Renewed 84
Dues by Check 45
Dues by PayPal 37
Dues by Cash 2
Subscribers 377
MailChimp Opens 173
MC Open Rate 46%

BRARA is looking for a few Members of BRARA to consider becoming trained in WordPress and supporting the needs of the organization.

Scope of Training

  • Posts
  • Media
  • Pages
  • Tables
  • Specialty areas



To ensure the safety of our members, we the full BRARA Board have decided to postpone our opening plans until the pandemic stabilizes in the state of Florida. We all feel very strongly that our club must not in any way, however small, add to the risk of spreading the virus. We will revisit and resume our plans as soon as we are confident that it is safe to do so.



Want to learn about NBEMS? What is it? Who uses it and why? You can begin learning the basics by  CLICKING HERE. Join us Wednesdays at 8pm on 145.29 where we practice all aspects of digital communications and yes problem solve and train. We have added SLOWSCAN to this net enabling operators to pass photos in the event of a bad day. We are also pursuing WINLINK capacities, it remains uncertain if we can manage contacts to local nodes, watch for future updates. 

The BRARA DMR repeater is working normally. 

Analog 2m 145.29(-) PL110.9 50 watts out.

Status: Art and Lew have been addressing various issues at the 2m repeater site.  
DMR Brandmeister 70cm 442.875(+) CC-1 TS-2 TG-311037  50 watts out. The FAU IP link is operating normally.  

Monday to Saturday 

   7am  Ad Hoc Free Net
   Analog 145.29- PL110.9  
   DMR     442.875+ CC-2 TS-2 TG-311037

Sunday (1 net)

   8.00pm South East FL DMR Tech Net TG-311037
   BRARA 442.875+ CC-1 TS-2  
   GCARA 443.350+ CC-11 TS-1  
   Wellington ARA 145.19- CC-2 TS-1  

Monday (2 nets)

   7.00pm Voice Com Net 
BRARA 145.29- PL110.9 
   7.30pm DMR BrainWaves NotANet TG-311037
   BRARA 442.875+ CC-1 TS-2  
   GCARA 443.350+ CC-11 TS-1 
   Wellington ARA 145.19- CC-2 TS-1 

Tuesday (1 net)

   9.00am Breakfast Club Net 
BRARA 145.29- PL110.9 

Wednesdays (1 net)

   8.00pm Southeast Florida NBEMS Net 
BRARA 145.29- PL110.9 
If you have a special announcement, please consider using to reach out to all your operator partners. This location can also be used to help you gain visibility to your project or efforts to meet your goals.

Helpful steps for many subject areas CLICK HERE

The BRARA Board and other volunteers will be reaching out to members to see how y’all doing and to stay connected. Please feel free to chat as long as you like and offer your stories and share your needs. Dam right, we’re hoping you are doing well and staying engaged and healthy.
If you know of an amateur or their family dealing with health issues or may have lost someone, please let us know. Robert K K3SUH is our go to person to send a communication in the form of a card to the person or family.

CLICK HERE to email your details.

From Jay N2ELG –  None of us are as strong as all of us.


E1A14 (D) 
Except in some parts of Alaska, what is the maximum power permitted on the 630 meter band?
A. 50 watts PEP
B. 100 watts PEP
C. 1 watt EIRP
D. 5 watts EIRP

Which of the following describes an Extended Double Zepp antenna?
A. A wideband vertical antenna constructed from precisely tapered aluminum tubing
B. A portable antenna erected using two push support poles
C. A center-fed 1.25-wavelength antenna (two 5/8-wave elements in phase)
D. An end-fed folded dipole antenna

Be well 73 
de N4BRF from The Shack
          GOOD HEALTH