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HOW TO’S: A series of helpful steps for many subject areas

This HOW TO’S is a GREAT IDEA proposed by Robert Eng W1ENG.

The goal is to offer helpful instructions to assist folks when performing common tasks.

These HOW TO’s may also be found in LINKS below or by searching the POSTs by category HOW TO.


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Here’s a list of HOW TO’s

SubscribeCLICK HERE2020-08-27
ContactCLICK HERE2020-08-27
Learn about NBEMSCLICK HERE2020-08-27
Download SlowScanCLICK HERE2020-08-27
Download RemoteHams ClientCLICK HERE2020-08-27
Get a DMR IDCLICK HERE2020-08-25
Get onto LoTWCLICK HERE2020-08-25
Get EchoLink IDCLICK HERE2020-08-25
Join the ClubCLICK HERE2020-08-25
Get a LicenceCLICK HERE2020-08-25
Set up WSJTXCLICK HERE2020-08-25