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DMR: Update to the AnyTone radios

Here are the instructions for applying the vocoder update to the AnyTone radios.

There is a new Firmware update posted for the AnyTone 878 named vn 1.14. within this update there is an update for the Baseband IC 3258 chip. This update also applies to the AnyTone 868 but has not been published on the 868 update site. The update applies changes to the vocoder and hopefully fixes some issues with coding and decoding of the digital signals. In order to get the update go to the following link CLICK HERE

If you have an 868 only do the baseband update from this file.The rest of the updates do not apply to the 868. You have to unzip the file and save it somewhere on your computer. Go to the baseband update folder and read and follow the instructions carefully to apply the update to the chip.