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Origin of Tuesday Breakfast Group

Another week on the radio and we hope we are getting closer to in person gathering.

It has been brought to my attention about the origin of the Tuesday morning breakfast.  It was and as far as I know it is still not a BRARA event.  It is a ham social gathering that was started by Dave W2QM(SK), Keith K3SKM(SK) and two other hams in Rainberry Bay.  The organization, in 2001, also included Bernie K1SA. I came along in 2003 and shortly after Burt W3GG joined the group. None of these hams were active in BRARA.  As time went on our little group grew and many of the new members are BRARA members, but that is not a prerequisite to coming to breakfast. Every ham is welcome regardless of what other clubs or groups they may belong to.

I am a member of BRARA and I think all local hams should belong.  It’s a great club and for the most part, a lot of fun.

I will be listening on Tuesday morning.