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General Membership Meeting August 2023

BRARA General Membership Meeting minutes for 1-August-2023

The BRARA monthly association meeting was held via Zoom conference. The meeting was called to order by the President, Bruce KO4XL at 7:18pm local. Attending: 33 Zoom participants.  Officers and directors provided an update of their club related activities. Bruce reminded the members that Wednesday’s are typically work days at the Shack. Tonight’s speaker is Bob Naumann W5OV, ARRL Operations Manager.

Directors and Officers Present

Bruce KO4XL, Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, Jay S N2ELG, Jeff S K4BH, Ralph W1DAR, George WA2VNV

Secretary: Mike K8BQ

Mike reported that the July minutes have been uploaded to the BRARA Blog. Motion to accept Jay S N2ELG, seconded by Ralph W1DAR. Motion carried. New members Ian Barton VK5AIB and Michael McCarthy W1SS.  Currently have 188 members.

Treasurer: Bonnie KC2JVS

Treasurer’s Report July 31, 2023

December 31, 2022       Available Balance              $9096.26

June 30, 2023                Available Balance               $14,128.39

July 31, 2023                 Available Balance               $10,237.24     

Income:    $4,701.81

Income includes $171.43 in memberships, and $4,530.42 donations for new air conditioner

Not included: additional $500 for air conditioner check not cleared and $35 in memberships not cleared

Expenses:  $8,643.00

Expenses include $7,800 for new air conditioner, $53.22 for filters for air conditioner, $126 for two rolls of forever stamps, $300 for bee removal, and $363.78 for two new chairs

Not included $166.65 for generator conversion to dual fuel not cleared

Total new air conditioner cost including 3 filters was $7,853.22.

Total collected for air conditioner in June and July was $10,401.21 not including $500 received August 1, 2023.

Available Balance includes $5,000 cash reserve.

Director at Large: Jeff K4BH

Jeff has asked other Ham groups about creating a testing consortium.

Director at Large: Ralph W1DAR

We need to fill the propane tanks before the fall Radiator Grille. They feel a bit light. We’ve started the Wednesday cleanup process.

Director at Large: George WA2VNV

Jan and Rick are moving forward with the satellite station project. We need to lubricate the cable on the crank-up tower.

Director at Large: Jay S N2ELG

We need excess radio stuff for the fall auction. We have a lot of electronic, but non radio stuff.

Membership Chairman: Henry WA2ROA

We had 39 people at Mamma Mia’s. Next lunch August 19 at El Balcon De Las Americas. The Board is discussing a holiday party.

Miscellaneous Discussion:

Stu, K3RZB, asked what is doing with the results of the membership survey. Bruce responded that we are trying to discuss them at mid-month Board meetings.

Roy, K4YV, asked about meeting at the library again. Bruce said that he checked and the room capacity is 90 according to the library. We are also looking at incorporating Zoom. Marc, W6MGV, suggested a microphone for Zoom.

Jeff, K4BH, asked if there will be a BRARA team at JOTA. Bruce said that there should be.


Motion to adjourn by Jay S N2ELG, second by Stu K3RZB.  Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm. Presentation by Bob Naumann followed.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Greenfeld K8BQ, Secretary