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Board Meeting 19-April-2023

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, Jay S N2ELG, John N1QFH, Lou K4LA, Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, George WA2VNV

Members present: Walt W4WCD Henry WA2ROA, Paul Chalson WA2FOF

President Bruce KO4XL, called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm local.

BOD Informal Agenda 04-19-23

Officer/Committee reports

  1. President Bruce
    1. TS-990 is sold
    2. New donations received today
    3. Front door lock is dead – will buy replacement
  2. VP Ralph
    1. Speakers
  3. Secretary Mike
    1. Approve minutes
    2. Membership
  4. Treasurer Bonnie
  5. April/May lunch dates/locations – Henry
    1. April 22 – Lucille’s
    2. May 20 – Sabai Thai
  6. Jay
    1. Auction status
  7. Jeff
    1. Training?
  8. George
  9. Lou

Old Business

  1. A/C repair status – George, Barry
  2. Satellite station
    1. Present status
    2. Purchases: – Bruce ordered and received
      1. 100ft LMR400 w/ N connectors + extra male N connectors
      2. 200ft 8 conductor rotor cable
      3. Coax
      4. Rick authorized to buy fiberglass to complete antennas
  3. Conversion of generators to LP gas – motion passed – needs new honcho
  4. Tower recabling
  5. Review BOD dates for upcoming months – John C to email list
    1. July general meeting will be 7/11
    2. May mid-month BOD 5/10
      1. Website still shows 5/17 – should we keep that?
    3. Saturday BOD should be 4th Saturday unless need to change
      1. July BOD is 7/29
  6. Authorize purchase of 3 headsets for stations 1,3,4 – Jay and Lou to evaluate existing donated, of not suitable then obtain quotes and revisit
    1. One good headset donated – now we need 2
  7. Purchase of 10m bandpass filter (FQP, FD, etc.) – Bruce to follow up
  8. N4BRF participation in Florida QSO party
    1. Sat noon-10pm, Sun 9am-6pm (amended per contest rules)

New business

  1. Filling of N1QFH roles
    1. Events
      1. Need new chair for FQP and AFD – Bruce is backup
      2. Future?
  2. Constant Contact – Mike?
  3. Webmaster
    1. Ron Ratoff has offered, but do we prefer a club member
  4. Holiday party?
  5. Bus to Orlando?
  6. Recruiting?

President, Bruce – We have an offer on the TS900 from Joyce. The club will turn over all money received for it since she donated so many other items to the club. We received a donation from Barry Barnett today. We found the front electronic lock was dead and non-responsive. Changing batteries didn’t fix it. Bruce will get a replacement lock.

Secretary, Mike – Minutes for the April 1, 2023, meeting have been uploaded to the Blog. Motion to accept John C, second by Jay S. Motion carried. We currently have 174 members. Mike will meet with John C on Friday to discuss Events on the web site.

Treasurer, Bonnie – Bonnie presented the cash flow report.

Cash Flow April 19, 2023

December 31,2022       Available Balance              $9096.26

March 31,2023             Available Balance               $7,468.40

April 19,2023               Available Balance                $6,979.30

Income:    $ 135.24

Income includes memberships. Not included $206 from auction

Expenses:  $624.34

Expenses include $414.00 for air conditioner repair, $209.86 for Zoom and $0.48 for PayPal fee on an extra payment that was refunded.

Not included $191.95 to George for ac repair kit.

Membership Henry – Email sent out as a final notice for this weeks dinner at Lucille’s. He is seeing some interest in training classes and testing.

Jay S – Auction was a success. Fewer people were bidding. The tool donation from Joyce has been organized in the toolboxes and locked. Additional tools on the table will be offered to members.

George – Only in FL one more week. Need to check out the tower cable. Ping Art to see about getting it inspected. The repeater is not working well. A/C seems to be holding up. The leak stuff is in the closet. Bruce authorized Rick to purchase fiberglass sections to complete the satellite antennas.

John C – Generator conversion. John sent the shop pictures. This project needs a new lead. Mike took the generator to the shop last time. FL QSO party operations 12 noon to 9:59pm on Saturday, 8 am to 5:59 pm on Sunday per the rules. Bruce will set up N1MM.

The simplex net will be updated to better support CERT, using the 147.225 repeater which has better countywide coverage as primary.

Lou – Lou to send Bonnie info to order two new headphones. We received a useable one as a donation.

Paul – Paul asked for BRARA support of CERT. There are about 42 CERT hams in southern PBC, mostly FM on HTs. A county drill is being planned for May 27. John will tweak our simplex net to include the 147.225 machine. CERT is interested to know who can talk to who on simplex.

Motion to adjourn by John C seconded by Jay S. Meeting adjourned at 6:58 pm. Zoom discussion on CERT continued.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary