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Building VHF Yagis for satellite QSOs

Some of you have asked about building VHF Yagis similar to those I used for the satellite QSOs.

I also use them for VHF roving or portable work.

The info is available online from WA5VJB Kent Britain

CLICL for Cheap YAGI (

There is also a version for the 435 satellite frequencies, although I just used the 432 version.

I bought some of the #12 or #14 bare copper wire for the driven elements and some heavy gauge aluminum wire for directors and reflectors. I use thin wood pieces for the booms, you can easily use small diameter PVC. I think I got everything at The Home Depot. The higher you go in frequency, the more critical are the dimensions of both the elements and the spacing. I also used a VNA to check for resonance, but you can also use any SWR meter and run some low power into the beam to see if it has a reasonable SWR at your desired operating frequencies. GL and have fun.

Rick K1DS