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Board Meeting 8-June-2022

Date: Wednesday June 8, 2022   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, John C N1QFH, George WA2VNV, Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, Jay S N2ELG, Lou K4LA

Members present: Walt W4WCD, Henry WA2ROA

President Bruce KO4XL called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm local.

Officer and Director Reports

President’s Report, Bruce – We need to install a second router to create a subnet for Field Day logging

Jay S – Computers are working.  Need wire to replace the 160 meter antenna which is down. Will be scheduled after Field Day.

Secretary’s Report, Mike – Motion to accept Minutes for Board meeting on 05/28/2022 made by John C, seconded by Jay S. The motion carried. Current membership is 169, 129 Active, 29 Family, 5 Associate, and 6 Life.

Treasurer’s Report, Bonnie – Cash received is $0.00 so far this month from all sources. Expenses are $481.07 from the Radiator Grille and $210.79 is pending for a roof skid to hold the DMR link antenna.

George – Nothing specific to report for Field Day

Lou – Will be there early on Saturday. Taking charge of coffee instead of Henry. He will coordinate with Henry on food

Henry – Will not be operating. Supporting the media effort and arranging for a politician to visit. Will help coordinate the food

John C – Will not be on site. Winkeyers should be in a black and yellow tub in the Shack.

Walt – Kirk and his boss will be attending. A request has been put in to replace the three picnic tables at the Shack.

VP Report, Ralph – not present

Jeff S – not present

Jerry Z – not present

Old Business

Other things for Field Day

  • Get Trifold from John Stahl
  • Contact Dennis G about photos

New Business – None

Miscellaneous Discussion – None

Next BOD meeting 6/18/2022 at 10 am. Hybrid both Zoom and at the Shack

Motion to adjourn by John C second by George.  Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm local.

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary