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Tyte HotKey Unlink

TYT procedure for creating a Side Button to be used for unlinking from a talk group instead of putting an Unlink channel in each repeater or Hotspot zone

1. Load your existing code plug into the CPS

2. Click on Button Definitions and select which button press you want to use for the Unlink

3. Set the button definition to One touch access what ever number you want to use 1 – 6

4. Click on the One Touch Access number you selected and set the Call to the Unlink talk group (4000)
and make sure that the Call type is Call

5. Write the code plug to your radio and test it out.

6. Key up a talk group on your repeater or hotspot and then press the button you selected and then press PTT see if you get the unlinked message back from the system

7. If it works save the code plug to your computer as your new code plug. If not review what you did and fix it and try again.