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Board Meeting 18-NOV-2020

Date: Saturday 28-November 2020   Location: via Zoom   Start Time: 12.05 pm

Attendance:  Bruce KO4XL, Jerry.Z W4BFL, George WA2VNV, Jeff.S K4BH, Bonnie KC2JSV, Michael.G K8BQ, John N1QFH

The following items were discussed and actions assigned:


This was a virtual meeting using Zoom.


The board discussed plaques and other silent-key Lifetime recognitions. Bruce has final draft of certificate and letter.

ACTION: Bruce will edit Lifetime letter and certificate.

ACTION: John.C will connect with Walt and Lew on SK pictures.

ACTION: John.C and Bruce will finalize and purchase plaques.

ACTION: Bruce will continue with ARRL brick research and costs

ACTION: John.C will collect silent key details and pictures


Bruce updated board on status,  activity, and Mike.P

ACTION: Bruce will continue to manage


The Shack remains closed. Board regularly reviews the COVID status. John.C continues spraying weeds, rotating towers.

ACTION: John.C will examine filter about December 2020

ACTION: Bruce will pursue getting a HEPA  / MERV-13 filter when shack opens

ACTION: John.C will rotate antennas weekly and periodically oil cable and drum.

ACTION: John.C will continue to spray the weeds.


Winter Field Day event will occur just like the this past June Field Day. Individual stations will operate from a station of their choosing are encouraged to submit results affiliated with BRARA. More details on the event will be announced. Per Jeff.S, JS8CALL may be used in WFD.

ACTION: Bruce will present inter-club awards.

ACTION: John will continue communication plans to members


Board reviewed status of PayPal  payments and Bruce made PayPal funds transfer. Board discussed use of MailChimp vs ConstantContact.  John created MailChimp process to vote for 2021-2023 Directors.

ACTION: John.C will continue to resolve MailChimp issues for subscribers.

ACTION: Bruce to create secondary logon

ACTION: Bruce to generate PayPal report for Patrick


Jerry updated board on status and his plans for FAU setup work.

ACTION: Art, Lew, and Jerry will relocate dish on 2m or 70cm antenna

ACTION: Jerry to determine when the dish relocation can occur and advise Art, George and Lew

ACTION: Jerry will address FAU and repeater IP work


Reviewed status which had no change.


John updated board on packet repeater recovery plans. Per Art and Lew the equipment and cabinet at Boca hospital was not worth moving to the shack and decided it was best to leave it as-is. The 2-meter CAN were moved to the shack for future use. Bruce discussed the possibility of using an existing radio and software to stand-up the BRARA packet node.

ACTION: Bruce to connect with Lew to update our DMR repeater details on database

ACTION: Art and Lew to continue site repairs

ACTION: Bruce, Robert.E W1ENG and John to configure packet node


Board discussed fan diploes re-location and options.

ACTION: Satellite team look into refurbishing rotors

ACTION: Relocate fan-dipole antenna that may block the satellite system


ACTION: Bruce will send letter when full services restored


Board reviewed status and PBC letter.

ACTION: Bruce will continue linkage with Life Safety Solutions for AED.


Bruce said Patrick has no outstanding badges to process and a few are at the shack for delivery to the members.

ACTION: Bruce will pursue alternate badge suppliers

(check with

ACTION: Patrick will check his record for those who paid for badges and shirts


Jeff.S updated board on current training class.  Jeff, Bruce and Jerry.Z discussed remote testing.

ACTION: Bruce will research how to do remote testing with Grant

ACTION: Jay, Jeff.R, Roger, Al to define DMR curriculum

ACTION: Bruce will define logistics for  licensing classes


Patrick updated board on financial status. John stored on Google Drive welfare call status for BOD to access. The board has been email hwo to access this document. Board will work to make welfare calls status. Bruce reviewed election results and how the new board may meet. John updated board on various statistics and renewal reminders and communications. 2021 grace period is 1-JAN-2021 to 31-March-2021.

ACTION: John will continue to send 2021 renewal reminders

ACTION: Bruce will update members on election results on 1-Dec-2020

ACTION: John.C and Jeff.R will update flyer.

ACTION: John.C and Michael K8BQ will continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Patrick and Bonnie to continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Board will continue member good and welfare checks

ACTION: Bruce will send to John.C list of member privilege

ACTION: Board will send list of BRARA accomplishments to Bruce

ACTION: Bruce will review minutes and feedback for list of accomplishments


ACTION: John will continue decluttering shack

ACTION: Jay will continue reviving laptops and desktops

ACTION: Bruce to get drive and rail kit for Jay to install in desktop


ACTION: Jerry to re-key storage room locks and distribute

ACTION: Jeff.R and Bruce to coordinate training and re-keying shack and gate

ACTION: John.C to install di-pole lightening protectors

ACTION: Jeff.R will change shack door combination


  • Satellite System
  • Repair Ameritron HF Amplifier
  • Acquire AED for The Shack
  • IP FAU-to-Shack
  • Relocate FAU dish at repeater site


We have a few others lined up for 2021.

January: Matthew KO4DJG on micro-processors used to connect radios and other devices

February: TBA


John updated board on website changes that include simplification and use of tabs and he merged monthly newsletter into weekly update. The newsletter now ceases to be created and all its information is in the weekly updates. The most current weekly update will be available on the home page and posted to the BLOG.

ACTION: John.C will schedule Feb 2021 for 1-1 training for board on how to use WordPress

ACTION: Bruce will continue addressing refrigerator repair

Next Board Zoom meetings:

    • Mid-month: Wednesday 6.00 pm  9-December-2020
    • Agenda: Saturday 12.00 pm   28-November-2020
    • New Directors tentative meeting dates:
      • 12-December-2020 directors vote for officers
      • 2-Janurary-2021 directors and officers meet

Adjourn: Motion by John.C and 2nd by Jeff.S adjourn at 2.00pm and zoom ended

Respectfully submitted

John Cole N1QFH / Secretary