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Proposal for FCC to Charge Fee For License Applications

The FCC recently published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making in which they describe a plan to start charging a fee of $50 for various Amateur Radio License applications, including new licenses, upgrades, call sign changes, renewals, and paper copies of licenses.

CLICK for Application Fees for Amateur Radio Mandated by Congress

Attached is a paper, in PDF format, prepared by Laurel VEC’s Bob Rose AA3RR, in which he analyzes the proposed action and answers some introductory questions. I’ve enjoyed the various analysis papers that Bob prepared over the years and this paper, like the others, gets to the heart of the matter. In this paper, Bob picks apart the proposed rule making and considers what it means for us, the volunteer examiners, and our applicants.

If you have any additional questions after reading the paper, please feel free to contact your Regional Coordinator or, if you like, contact Bob directly at 410-353-0174 or at And please share this information with your VE Team members and the members of your local radio club.


Diane Zimmerman AA3OF, Chairman
Laurel Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Coordinator