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Board Meeting 2020-08-29

Date: Saturday 29-August 2020   Location: via Zoom   Start Time: 12.11pm

Attendance:  Bruce KO4XL, Jeff.R W4AEQ, Patrick KO4OBV, George WA2VNV, Jeff.S K4BH, Bonnie KC2JSV, Michael.G K8BQ, Jay N2ELG, Mike Pilgrim K5MP, Art WA8VSJ, John N1QFH

The following items were discussed and actions assigned:


This was a virtual meeting using Zoom.


The board reviewed the status of implementing, key leanings and tasks to be done.

ACTION: Bruce and John.C will resolve census file to feed

ACTION: Mike K5MP will invite BRARA members from census file


The Shack remains closed.

ACTION: John.C will replace Lowes AC filter with MERV-13 HEPA filter ASAP given Art’s recommendation.


ACTION: Bruce will process member inter-club results


Bruce and John.C implemented enhanced PayPal. Bonnie added at annual dues payment time, it can be a challenge to match up payment to member. She recommended and agreed with Bruce to figure out how to have CALLSIGN part of the PayPal process.

ACTION: Bruce and John.C will review how to incorporate CALLSIGN into PayPal

ACTION: Bruce to create secondary logon

ACTION: Bruce to generate PayPal report for Patrick


Jerry.Z and Art updated the board on site recycle of the devices. George explained use of NetReset device.  Jerry.Z has managed POE (48 volt) switched gateway to the site and will look at doing the same at FAU and the shack. Jerry further said this configuration will ping its network and recycle when needed. We may have to partner with FAU for backup person to provide IP to repeater site given resource changes.

ACTION: Art, Lew, and Jerry will relocate dish on 2m or 70cm antenna

ACTION: Jerry to determine when the dish relocation can occur and advise Art, George and Lew

ACTION: Jerry to review with FAU who can be a partner /contact


Jerry.Z explained his plan to visit the shack and get that end setup and working and then go to repeater site to address the dish signal to the shack.

ACTION: Jerry.Z will begin his plans to address microwave capability to the shack and let us know if he needs assistance.

ACTION: Bruce will poll members at next meeting if they have interest in using a remote station


Art updated board on repeater site activity which included antenna configuration and new coax. New onsite work can wait until cooler weather.  Jerry.Z explained his proposed solution to ensure both FAU and repeater site retain power when an outage occurs. He has purchased the devised for this.

ACTION: Bruce to connect with Lew to update our DMR repeater details on database

ACTION: John.C will stay connected with Ricky.E remove club assets from hospital

ACTION: Art and Lew to continue site repairs

ACTION: John.C will stay connected with GCARA to advise of TS and TG issues


George asked about getting the rotors rebuilt.

ACTION: Satellite team look into refurbishing rotors

ACTION: Relocate fan-dipole antenna that may block the satellite system


ACTION: Bruce will send letter when full services restored


Jerry.Z updated board on his plans and some options.

ACTION: Jerry will continue linkage with PBC and Life Safety Solutions for AED. He will resend email to Bruce on AED details.


ACTION: Bruce will pursue alternate badge suppliers

(check with

ACTION: Patrick will check his record for those who paid for badges and shirts


ACTION: Jay, Jeff.R, Roger, Al to define DMR curriculum

ACTION: Bruce will define logistics for online Zoom licensing classes and testing


Bonnie updated us on knowledge exchange. Art provide background on nominating committee.  Bruce is point on that effort. Bruce proposed holding Zoom board meetings to be the 2nd Wednesday for mid-month and agenda meetings the last Saturday. Mike and John did more cross training and Mike posted the August member meeting minutes in our BLOG. John will assist anyone who needs to be WordPress author and post to the BLOG.

ACTION: Bruce to form nominating committee

ACTION: John.C and Michael K8BQ will continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Patrick and Bonnie to continue knowledge exchange

ACTION: Board will start member good and welfare checks

ACTION: Board will email to Bruce their suggestions for directors


We continued to review Zoom auction and discussed logistics. We formed committee of Bruce, Michael, Jay and John. We’ll hold Zoom (week night up to 9 pm) meeting to organize this effort and define logistics, date and time. All gear identified as club asset will be return to closet. George suggested we hold onto the B&W 90ft terminated folded dipole in the closet for the remote station. George, Art, Bruce, Jeff.R, Jeff.S, Jay and others would be subject matter experts (SME) to address questions by interested parties when holding the remote auction.

ACTION: Jay will continue reviving laptops and desktops

ACTION: Bruce to get drive and rail kit for Jay to install in desktop

ACTION: John.C will take pics of items for Zoom auction

ACTION: John.C will return to closet any item identified as KEEP

ACTION: Jay and John.C to access CPU and displays to KEEP


Patrick said we’re in line for power bill. Bruce said we can reach out to Magnum once we open the shack. Lightening pellets are in VHF room.

ACTION: Jerry to re-key storage room locks and distribute

ACTION: Jeff.R and Bruce to coordinate training and re-keying shack and gate

ACTION: John.C to install di-pole lightening protectors

ACTION: Jeff.R will change shack door combination


  • Satellite System
  • Repair Ameritron HF Amplifier
  • Acquire AED for The Shack
  • IP FAU-to-Shack
  • Relocate FAU dish at repeater site


ACTION: Mike Pilgrem K5MP on for BRARA

ACTION: John.C will outreach to ARRL for speakers


ACTION: Bruce will continue addressing refrigerator repair

ACTION: Jay will send his desired email to Bruce

Next Board Zoom meetings:

  • Mid-month: Wednesday 6.00 pm 9-September 2020
  • Agenda: Saturday 12.00 pm 3-October 2020

Adjourn: Motion by John.C and 2nd by Jeff.S adjourn at 2.00 pm and zoom ended

Respectfully submitted

John Cole N1QFH / Secretary