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COVID-19 Timeline

As of 20-May-2020

17-Nov-2019 China tracked 1st Covid-19
11-Jan-2020 China reports 1st COVID-19 death
30-Jan-2020 WHO declares global health emergency
31-Jan-2020 USA reports 1st COVID-19 case
31-Jan-2020 Pres Trump announces conditional China travel ban
04-Feb-2020 1st COVID-19 death reported outside China
04-Feb-2020 Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined
04-Feb-2020 Dr Wenliang who warned of COVID-19 died
11-Feb-2020 WHO renames coronavirus to COVID-19
24-Feb-2020 US stock market plummets over COVID-19 fears
26-Feb-2020 1st case of suspected local transmission in US
29-Feb-2020 FL labs can process COVID-19 tests
29-Feb-2020 1st death reported in US
01-March-2020 First 2 Floridians tested positive for COVID-19
02-March-2020 AARP warns Florida nursing homes to prepare
02-March-2020 FL DOH issues guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19
02-March-2020 UCF asks students and employees to use caution when traveling
03-March-2020 FL DOH sets up COVID-19 hotline
04-March-2020 BRARA March membership meeting at The Shack
04-March-2020 CDC expands guidelines for COVID-19 testing
05-March-2020 Two COVID-19 patients die in Florida
08-March-2020 The Regal Princess is ordered to remain offshore South FL
08-March-2020 Publix limits items customers can purchase
09-March-2020 BRARA Board considers status of Radiator Grill
09-March-2020 FL House members exposed to COVID-19
09-March-2020 Gov DeSantis declares a state of emergency
11-March-2020 Man traveling from New York to Florida tested positive
11-March-2020 Gov DeSantis places limits on who can visit nursing homes
11-March-2020 CDC awards $27 million to Florida to stop the virus’ spread
11-March-2020 Florida universities moving to remote instruction
11-March-2020 CDC deemed COVID-19 a pandemic.
12-March-2020 Pres Trump announces Europe travel ban
13-March-2020 BRARA Spring Radiator Grill cancelled
13-March-2020 BRARA General class and testing cancelled
15-March-2020 Universal Orlando Resort and Disney World closed
15-March-2020 CDC warns against large gatherings
17-March-2020 PBC Events / activities suspended
17-March-2020 BRARA shack and compound closed, park still open
17-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders bars and nightclubs closed
17-March-2020 COVID-19 present in all 50 states
18-March-2020 BRARA Board mid-month meeting via Zoom
18-March-2020 China reports no new local infections
19-March-2020 Stores announces senior shopping hours
20-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders restaurants switch to take-out / delivery
20-March-2020 Orange County institutes curfew
20-March-2020 New York City declared US outbreak epicenter
21-March-2020 Florida: 706 confirmed cases
22-March-2020 PBC boat ramps and marinas closed
22-March-2020 PBC non-regional parks closed
23-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders anyone flying from NY, NJ CT to FL self-isolates
23-March-2020 Gov DeSantis asks Trump for a major disaster declaration
23-March-2020 Florida: 1,227 cases
24-March-2020 AD Hoc Free Net Time begins Mon-Sat 7am and 7pm
24-March-2020 Stay-at-home for Miami-Dade, Alachua, Orange
24-March-2020 Half COVID-19 cases are in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach
24-March-2020 Florida – 1,467 cases
24-March-2020 Japan postpones Olympics
25-March-2020 PBC parks and golf courses closed
26-March-2020 US leads the world in COVID-19 cases
27-March-2020 Pres Trump signs $2 trillion stimulus bill
27-March-2020 UK PM Johnson tests positive
30-March-2020 PBC beaches closed
30-March-2020 Gov DeSantis asks retired first responders/medical to help
30-March-2020 Gov DeSantis orders stay at home for PBC
30-March-2020 Florida – 5,704 cases, 71 deaths
30-March-2020 CDC lifts restrictions for virus testing
01-April-2020 Gov DeSantis issues a statewide stay-at-home order
02-April-2020 Global cases hit 1 million
02-April-2020 Cruise ship docks in FL
04-April-2020 BRARA Board agenda meeting via Zoom
05-April-2020 Florida: 12,350 cases, 221 deaths
07-April-2020 BRARA Breakfast Club meets on 145.29 Tuesdays at 9am
07-April-2020 BRARA general member meeting via Zoom
08-April-2020 PBC has two drive up testing sites
09-April-2020 Boca Raton & Delray Beach issue face mask order
11-April-2020 PBC urging face mask use
12-April-2020 Eight members of South Florida attorney’s family have COVID-19
14-April-2020 Florida to receive 1M more N95 masks
15-April-2020 BRARA Board mid-month meeting via Zoom
15-April-2020 China case study on how hard to get economies going again
16-April-2020 SBA runs out of money for the Paycheck Protection Program
18-April-2020 Gov DeSantis approves safely reopening some beaches and parks
18-April-2020 Gov DeSantis: students continue distance learning to school year end
19-April-2020 Florida: 25,492 cases, 750 deaths
19-April-2020 Palm Beach: 2,138 cases, 114 deaths, Men: 1,027, Women: 1,045
19-April-2020 Some FL boat ramps reopen
19-April-2020 Pres Trump uses DPA to force manufacturers to create test swabs
20-April-2020 FL endangered sea turtles thriving thanks to Covid-19 restrictions
20-April-2020 Nursing staff worked without masks; masks sanitizer gloves locked-up
20-April-2020 Gov DeSantis to hold reopen Florida task force meeting
20-April-2020 Disney furloughs 70,000 of the resort’s employees
20-April-2020 Protesters gather calling on officials to reopen Florida
22-April-2020 Gov DeSantis declared flattened curve
23-April-2020 Palm Beach County Directive to Wear Facial Covers
28-April-2020 PBC opens recreational facilities on limited basis
29-April-2020 Gov DeSantis begins lifting stay-at-home orders 4-May
29-April-2020 PBC authorizes reopening parks, golf, pools, tennis
01-May-2020 Pharmacies facing shortages of protective gear, supplies, vitamins
01-May-2020 State authorized PBC to begin Phase 1 of reopening 11-May
04-May-2020 Most of FL reopen subject to restrictions
05-May-2020 BRARA general member meeting via Zoom
11-May-2020 Barbershops, salons, restaurants, other businesses reopen
16-May-2020 PBC authorizes reopening beaches with restrictions
19-May-2020 US cruise ship workers reunited with family
19-May-2020 Palm Beach: 4,699 cases, 284 deaths
19-May-2020 Broward: 6,369 cases, 282 deaths
19-May-2020 Miami-Dade: 15,942 cases, 578 deaths (highest in FL)
19-May-2020 Florida: 46,944 cases, 2,052 deaths
19-May-2020 USA: 1,528,661 cases, 91,938 deaths
19-May-2020 Global: 4,911,902 cases, 323,579 deaths
20-May-2020 Kids with COVID-19 related syndrome need immediate attention
20-May-2020 CDC releases detailed guidance on reopening
20-May-2020 BRARA Board mid-month meeting via Zoom