BRARA Classified Rules

Amateur Radio equipment and equipment directly related to Amateur Radio are the only items permitted as classified items placed by members, to be offered to all parties including both members and non-members. When there is a question as to what is “equipment directly related to Amateur Radio,” BRARA Board of Directors have the final say in making that determination.

In the unfortunate event that a transaction should become problematic, BRARA will NOT become involved in the remedy. Any issues that arise between participants in a transaction will need to be settled by the parties involved. Always use common sense and caution when entering into any transaction.

BRARA is not responsible for collecting payment, or for ensuring that payment methods conform to any agreement, rule, regulation, or law. Compliance is the seller’s and buyer’s responsibility.

Please offer as much disclosure as is reasonably possible about the item and its condition. For example, if the item is homemade, please state it. You should also clearly disclose any cosmetic or functional issues with the item. Being upfront when describing the condition of an item helps ensure a smooth transaction with no “surprises” for either party.

Items must be posted with a FIRM price, a  NEGOTIABLE price, or TRADE. We do not allow auctions, charitable raffles, “make me an offer” posts, or any other sales transaction types other than those with a set or negotiable price for a specified item.  “Or best offer” will be considered the same as “negotiable” if stated in the item description.

BRARA Classifieds are not to be used for any kind of fund raising or soliciting endeavors.

Classifieds are not to be used as a venue for making announcements.  Please contact the webmaster if you wish to post an announcement so that we can determine whether and where it belongs on the website.

BRARA does not enforce copyrights or intellectual property rights, and will not get involved in disputes regarding those issues.  We will however take appropriate action when required to do so by law.

There is a “Notify Administrator” button at the bottom of each item. This is to be used to report problems with the item to BRARA Administration. It is NOT to be used to ask questions about items. Please email the Owner to ask such questions.

A BRARA member may not act as a third party representative for a non-member.  In placing a classified, you are certifying that you are both a member in good standing of BRARA and the lawful owner of the item being offered.  In the case of special circumstances (a silent key, for example) the BRARA Board of Directors reserves the right to make individual exceptions to this rule.