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DMR: Questions surround Hytera’s DMR future in U.S.

[Editor’s note: This story was updated on the morning of July 4 to include a response provided by Hytera Communications.] China-based Hytera Communications’ ability to import and sell certain DMR equipment and software into the United States could be jeopardized later this year or early next year after U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) administrative law […]

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Nets: DMR Nets

Times are in Central (CST) Sunday 01:00PM EU ENG TG-92 01:10PM CO DAILY WX TG-310815 02:00PM Europe TG-92 06:00PM Hot Spots / HAM Radio TG-31772 06:00PM Light Christian TG-31479 06:00PM Young Persons 31012 07:00PM So East FL Tech TG-3112529 07:00PM TAC310 DMR-MARC TG-310 07:30PM CONN TG-3109 07:30PM IO STATEWIDE TG-3119 08:00PM DMR-Track TG-31489 08:00PM VE7LE […]

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DMR: Register Chinese Radios with Brandmeister

If your Chinese radio does not work on the Gold Coast repeater 443.3500  / CC-11, you need to REGISTER your callsign with Brandmeister (CLICK HERE). When you have accessed the Brandmeister website, on MENU find and click REGISTER. When General Account Details page appears enter and select the following: Enter your CALLSIGN and EMAIL For Account […]

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DMR-FL Local Tech Net is every Sunday at 20:00L on TS2 TG2 of your local DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister

Just a reminder that the DMR-FL Local Tech Net is every Sunday at 20:00L on TS2 TG2 of your local DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister. Please be courteous and hold to the 5 second rule between DMR transmissions. You are receiving this email because you expressed an interest in DMR in the past.  If you no longer desire to receive this and similar emails, reply with […]