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DMR: New configuration is fairly substantial by Al AF4FA

A new configuration pushed is a fairly substantial change to the way the DMR ID is handled by the Pi-Star Config page.

In short – the reasoning behind this is that the way DMR IDs are handled by the networks needs to be understood to get the best out of them.

Brand Meister:

This network uses either your bare CCS7/DMR ID (7 digits) *OR* an extended ID, your 7 digit ID, with a 2 digit suffix (between 01 and 99).

Specifically BM does *NOT* accept 8 digit IDs. These have worked in the past, but BM sees 8 digits as a base ID, technically speaking BM DMR IDs are 24 bits, when expressed as an unsigned integer (programming term for a positive only number) this provides a range of IDs from 0 (0000000) to 16777215.

DMR Plus:

Information here is a little sketchy, but it seems that DMR Plus supports CCS7 / DMR ID (7 digits) on all of their masters, and 8 digit (extended) DMR IDs on at least some of their masters (your 7 digit CCS7 ID, plus 1 digit, 1-9).


I believe that they support 7 or 9 digits in a similar way to BM. (I’m going to reach out to the admins there today to make sure).

So why the change – well it’s been on the cards for a while to better support extended IDs when using DMRGateway, AND specifically 8 digit IDs to NOT work on BrandMeister when using hotspot security, so this change helps enforce the use of 7 or 9 digit IDs but not 8 digits on BM.