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Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Survey

FASMA has created a brief survey open to all Two-Meter users in Florida.

Please register and take it at the following link:


The Florida Amateur Spectrum Management Association (FASMA), is soliciting input from amateurs in Florida regarding the current use of the Two-Meter Band.  As part of this, FASMA undertook extensive research into the history of amateur Two-Meter operations [1][2].  Many early decisions and equipment limitations shaped our present use of the use of the Two-Meter band.  FASMA seeks to understand how amateurs are using Two-Meters in their current operations.  We want input from all users; voice, weak-signal, repeaters, packet, satellite and experimental.


The survey will help us understand if our current band plan fits actual use. The survey is 25 questions and should take no more than 15 minutes.  We’ll publish our findings in 2023.

In the spirit of discussion FASMA has a public email list that any interested party may join as well: