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Board Meeting 26-August-2023

Date: Saturday, August 26, 2023   Location: Shack and Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, Ralph W1DAR, Jay S N2ELG, Lou K4LA, Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, Jeff S K4BH, George WA2VNV

Members present: Henry WA2ROA, Walt W4WCD

President Bruce KO4XL, called the meeting to order at 12:10pm local.

President’s Report: Bruce KO4XL

No specific report from Bruce.

Vice President’s Report: Ralph W1DAR

Went to the repeater with Art and Lew. It will duplex with 12 watts. Plan to go back with a test transceiver to see if the same level of interference exists. Suggestion for club activity is to visit the Dauer Museum of Classic Cars in Sunrise. Put note in weekly blast to see if there is interest. George suggested a tour of a radio station or cable head end. There is also high power shortwave station in the area as well.

Membership Chair: Henry WA2ROA

Henry reported 25 people present at El Balcon. We’re having a problem with people who don’t RSVP. Those who do get pushed off the main table.  Procedure should be no RSVP, wait until those who have are seated. Date for October brunch will be October 28. Probably no lunch in November due to Radiator Grille November 18 with rain date November 19. Holiday Party set for December 16.  Mamma Mia’s Trattoria, West Boynton.

Member at Large: Lou K4LA

Changes to Director’s Insurance are acceptable. Barry was asking the status of the TS990. Bruce needs someone to take the lead since he is leaving. Andrew may be able to help since he does a lot on EBay.

Member at Large: Jay S N2ELG

Auction prep proceeding.  Ralph has added the latest items to the sheet.

Secretary’s Report: Mike K8BQ

No minutes for the last Board meeting as he was out of town. Will have for next meeting based on the recording.

Treasurer’s Report: Bonnie KC2JVS

Cash Flow August 26, 2023

December 31,2022 Available Balance $9096.26
July 31, 2023 Available Balance $10,237.24
August 26,2023 Available Balance $10,207.02

Income: $636.43
Income includes $136.43 in memberships and $500 for air conditioner fund

Expenses: $166.65
Expenses include $166.65 for generator conversion
Not included: $370.19 quote for director’s insurance
Above amounts include reserve funds of $5,000
Note: total received marked for air conditioner appeal $10,901.21

Need to send thank you notes. Henry asked if he can be covered under the Director’s insurance.

Member at Large: Jeff S K4BH

Not much. Disturbance in western Caribbean.

Member at Large: George WA2VNV

Any plans yet for the other generator conversion? Have we tested the one that we have done? Not yet. Need to spray tower cable. Lou and Ralph will make sure it gets sprayed. 6 Meter Sprint tonight.

Walt W4WCD: nothing to add

Motion to adjourn by Jay S, seconded by Ralph. Meeting adjourned at 1:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ, Secretary