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Board Meeting 1-April-2023

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2023   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, Ralph N1DAR, Jay S N2ELG, John N1QFH, Lou K4LA, Mike K8BQ, George WA2VNV

Members present: Walt W4WCD Henry WA2ROA

President Bruce KO4XL, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am local.

BOD Informal Agenda 04-01-23 with markups

  1. Officer/Committee reports
    1. VP
      1. April speaker – Stu Gallant will present about FT8
    2. Secretary
      1. Approve minutes from BOD meeting March 15, motion John C and second Jay S. Carried
      2. Membership
    3. Treasurer not present
    4. April/May lunch dates/locations
      1. Start sending emails for lunch reservations for Lucille’s April 22
      2. May will be Sabai Thai May 20
    5. Auction status Jay we collected a lot of items from Joyce Paterson (widow of Hap) that have been cataloged. Need to photograph computers from Bruce.
    6. Training status – no update
    7. APRS – John C and Ken D to follow up. Need to get APRS equipment from repeater site. Contact Lew and Art.  Slot available for 2 meters on quadplexer.
  2. Old Business
    1. A/C repair status Goerge is waiting for refrigerant. Was shipped to NY address by mistake. Barry getting 2 more quotes. Lou says that the dealer he is working with has been a no show and quoting a very high price.
    2. Satellite station
      1. Present status
      2. Purchases: – Bruce ordered
        1. 100 ft LMR400 w/N connectors + extra N connectors
        2. 200 ft 8 conductor rotor cable
        3. Coax delivery pending, rest received
    3. Conversion of generators to LP gas – motion passed – Jay S and John C need to connect to get model information. George offered to take pictures.
    4. Tower recabling – Bruce to follow up with Jay and Art
  3. New business
    1. Review BOD dates for upcoming months –
      1. Ralph pointed out July general meeting is the 4th. Will move to July 11
      2.   Mid month meeting in May should move to May 10
      3.  End of month Board meetings should normally be 4th Saturday unless a specific need to change them
      4. July mid month BOD on the 19th. End of month will be July 29
    2. Authorize purchase of 3 headsets for stations 1,3, and 4 – Jay and Lou to evaluate existing donated headsets, if not suitable then obtain quotes and revisit. Hard to get to the headsets  WIP
    3. Authorize purchase of 10m bandpass filter (FQP, FD) – Bruce to purchase – out of stock at a reasonable price
    4. N4BRF participation in FL QSO party signup sheet has been sent out. Operating windows 12 noon to 10pm on Saturday and 9am to 7pm on Sunday.

Henry – Need suggestions for indoor lunch locations. Need to plan holiday party sooner rather than later if we’re interested in a nice place. Is there much interest in a bus to Orlando next year?  Training – classes could attract new members. Need to get back to reviewing polling

Lou moved to adjourn, second by Jay S. Motion carried. meeting adjourned at 10:55am

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary