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Board Meeting 15-March-2023

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2023   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, George WA2VNV, Jay S N2ELG, Jeff K4BH, John N1QFH, Lou K4LA

Members present: Walt W4WCD Henry WA2ROA, Ken K8KDS

President Bruce KO4XL, called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm local.

BOD Informal Agenda 03-15-23 with markups

  1. Officer/Committee reports
    1. Spring Radiator Grille post-action
    2. April/May lunch dates/locations
    3. Auction Status
    4. Training Status
    5. APRS – John C and Ken D to follow up
  2. Old Business
    1. A/C repair status
    2. Satellite station
      1. Present status
      2. Authorize purchases: – Bruce will order
        1. 100 ft LMR400 w/N connectors + extra N connectors
        2. 200 ft 8 conductor rotor cable
    3. Conversion of generators to LP gas – motion passed – John C to follow up
    4. Tower recabling – Bruce to follow up with Jay and Art
  3. New business
    1. Review BOD dates for upcoming months – John C to email list
    2. Authorize purchase of 3 headsets for stations 1,3, and 4 – Jay and Lou to evaluate existing donated headsets, if not suitable then obtain quotes and revisit
    3. Authorize purchase of 10m bandpass filter (FQP, FD) – Bruce to purchase
    4. Antenna matrix switch-should we sell it – tabled
    5. N4BRF participation in FL QSO party

President’s Report, Bruce – Not much to report. Came back from trip with Covid.

Henry –  We’ve gained a couple of new members. A lot of people didn’t RSVP for the Radiator Grille. Had a lot of help. Jay S never left the grill. Great event. Jeff S heard of some underdone burgers. Artie Nathan gave a lot of help. George went to fill holes before the event. Lunch dates April 22 at Lucilles and May 20 at Sabai Thai.

Jay S – Auction some more stuff donated. Need to pick up some stuff in Boynton being donated. Go through spreadsheet and set reserves. Lou asked if headsets we are auctioning are suitable for club use instead of purchasing new ones.

Bruce – has not closed the loop yet with Jerry on testing.

George – APRS left off the agenda.  Ken would like to get something set up. Equipment may be at the repeater site. John and Ken D to follow up. We have issues with the A/C. Art and Lou worked with the A/C company last time. Lou offered to help research service. Satellite station. Rick, K1DS donated an elevation rotor he purchased at Orlando. It was decided to authorize the purchase of the LMR400, N connectors, and rotor cable with an estimated cost of under $400. Bruce will order these items.

Bruce- asked if there is a good reason to convert the generators to LP gas. George, easier to store LP gas. Could also switch to gas if needed. John, safety and convenience factor. Bruce knows of a couple of people who were injured when a LP tank left in the sun blew its safety vent and ignited. John made a motion to approve no more than $500 to convert one or both generators, modify the backup generator first. George second. Motion carried. John C to follow up.

George – Tower recabling – still need to determine what we need to do. No proposal for today. Art may have a connection.

Bruce- Need to review dates for BOD meetings. John will get what he has out to the board.

Lou – Headsets – all we need is a basic stereo headset that is comfortable to wear. Evaluate existing auction headsets.

John- motion to order a 10 meter bandpass filter for use in FL QSO party. Second Jay S. Motion carried.

Bruce- Antenna matrix switch which was previously purchased is redundant and would require a major recabling effort to install. John would like to add the enhanced capability it could add to the Shack. Not likely we’d get to it in the near future. Motion to Table for now. Jeff S second by John C. Motion to table carried.

Bruce- Do we want to set up to operate FL QSO party as N4BRF entering the QSO party for score or just for casual operation as checklog. Looks like the consensus is to go for score.  Lou, are we keeping up with the release forms? Lou will do a safety list prior to the event. John has information on the website. 4/29 and 4/30 operating 12 pm to 10 pm Saturday and 6am to 4pm on Sunday.

Walt- Barry needs artwork to take to the printer for the shirts. Bruce will follow up.

Jeff S- Palmetto ARC moved their meeting place to Coral Springs wil meet at Wings Plus on the second Tuesday of the month. Testing at 6pm before the meeting. Carol and Jeff are starting an online Technician training class for the Palmetto club.

Jay S moved to adjourn, second John C. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary