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Board Meeting 24-September-2022

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2022   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, Ralph W1DAR, George WA2VNV, Mike K8BQ, Bonnie KC2JVS, Jay S N2ELG, Lou K4LA, Jeff S K4BH, John C N1QFH

Members present: Walt W4WCD, Art WA8VSJ

Secretary Mike K8BQ, called the meeting to order at 10:03 am local. Due to several members having to leave early we will start with New Business.

Treasurer’s Report, Bonnie – Total cash received $152.79. Cash received includes $135.24 from memberships anf 17.5 from Amazon Smile.

Expenses: $29.99 for increasing Google storage to 200 GB. Bruce pointed out that we are good until 2024. Expenses not cleared $148.97 one month electric bill for August and $300.00 for generator purchase. Discussion to add a lock to tie the generators together to make it more difficult to steal.

PayPal has options for creating a Donate button or even run a campaign to fundraise.

We should break out our emergency reserve separately on the report.

Secretary’s Report, Mike – Motion to accept Minutes for the Board meeting on 08/27/2022 made by George, seconded by Jeff S. The motion carried. There was not a quorum the meeting on 9/14/2022. It is time to start sending renewal reminders in October. If we add a campaign to add donations to BRARA equipment fund we will need to track the donations separately to only be used for that purpose. Emergency fund could be used for anything.

New/Old Business

Art has located a new/old stock duplexer that was in stock for $1500. Others are asking $4000 for similar units. Lou made a motion to purchase a duplexer and jumper cables for up to $2000 from Youngstown Radio. Seconded by Jay S. This is a Sinclair 4 cavity duplexer that will be delivered to St Petersburg the end of November. Discussion to possibly keep the old one as a backup if we can get it fixed. We have the expertise in the club to install it. George found a companay that may be able to fix our bad cavity. Bruce suggested splitting off what to do with the old one. John C called the question. The motion carried.


Ralph asked what should we do with some of our surplus equipment?

  • Icom 740 that doesn’t transmit. Send it to the hamfest
  • B&W 10-40 meter folded dipole antenna – auction
  • Fiberglass rods with coils on it –
  • 900 separation cable – Walt purchased for $10
  • Remote control for MFJ antenna tuner $10 Jay will purchase

Henry asked Ralph to see if we want to do a lunch in October. Decision was not to.

Discussion on Jerry Z. Bruce will reach out to him knowing he has authorization to tell him we are offering Lifetime Membership.  John C made a motion to make Jerry Z a lifetime member with proper notification by Bruce and confirmation by the Secretary. Second by Jay S.  Jerry Z donates  the web and email server as well as photo storage for the club. Jeff S called the question. The motion carried.

Jay let the Board know that another camera is out.. We probably should run cables in conduit.

George asked when is Winter FD. Last weekend in January.

Ralph asked when should we hold the Auction. It was decided to hold it December 3 at 1 pm

Discussion on DMR. Was the 48 volt POE unit ever installed to replace the low voltage POE at the repeater site. It was changed at the FAU site which is now stable. Switch at the repeater is a Catalyst 2096c.

George said we may need to add a circulator and BP filter between the transmitter and the duplexer if we still have issues.

John suggested selling the light poles that we probably will never need.

Walt reported that the County has removed all brown garbage cans so we need to get one in a color other than brown.

John C commented that we need to get going again with training and testing. We have to develop a strategy and set a timeframe. We also need to promote the club through the ARRL. Bruce suggested Q1.

Next BOD meeting is October 12 at 6 pm

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary