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BIO: Mike McIntosh KJ4RHP (SK)

Mike McIntosh KJ4RHP
We are sorry to have to announce the passing of Mike McIntosh KJ4RHP. Mike McIntosh was a long time member of Army MARS, serving in various roles both at the state, region and national level as a member of the National Support Network. Mike was a past Vice-President of the Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association and was active in many aspects of the hobby in south east Florida.

Not only was Mike a superb operator, he also wrote software for MARS members. Mike was a “go to” guy for many folks in the region and in the nation both for technical issues dealing with antennas, hardware and different types of radios. He gave generously of his time, equipment and expertise.

He met and married the love of his life, Marissa, and after spending some time in the Phillipines with her family, was able to get her paperwork cleared so she could come to America.  Marissa accepted the presence of various radios in the house and multiple antennas in the backyard.