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Board Meeting 15-December-2021

Date: Wednesday December 15, 2021   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers present:  Bruce KO4XL, Jay S. N2ELG, John C N1QFH, Lou K4LA, George WA2VNV

Members present: Walt W4WCD,  Henry WA2ROA, Art WA8VSJ

President Bruce called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm local.

BRARA BOD 15 December 2021 Agenda

  1. Officer Reports
    1. President
      1. A/C Appropriation
      2. Chris Stone SK Donation
      3. AED
      4. Echolink
    2. VP
      1. Keys
      2. Speakers
    3. Treasurer
      1. Financial Report
      2. O+D Insurance
      3. Electric Bill
    4. Secretary
      1. New members
  2. Director & Chair Reports
    1. John
      1. Paid up member cross check
      2. Webmaster backup
    2. Jay
      1. Station 3 computer
    3. George
      1. Ameritron amp
    4. Henry (or John) – membership
    5. Walt – County
    6. Jerry – repeaters
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business
    1. January Social
    2. Winter Field Day
      1. Bruce to put announcement on
    3. Next Board meeting 12/29/2021

Officer Reports

President’s Report, Bruce – A/C repair. George said the cost was originally quoted at $525 for the fan motor. Next day when replacing the fan motor found issue with the fan blades, another $200. Entire bill was $750. Recommended service contract for $300 a year. Bonnie gave information to process the payment. Deal with service contact later. George made a motion to pay the $750 to fix the A/C second by Jay. John suggested amendment that it should be not exceed $800. George agreed to amend his motion to not exceed $800 to the fix the A/C , seconded by John C. Art recommends that we look at what is and isn’t included in the service contact. Bruce called for a vote on just the expenditure for the repair which was approved. Set a deadline of the next Board meeting to act on the service contract. Lou, George and Art will review the service contract and report back.

Chris Stone recently passed. He had started accumulating equipment in anticipation of upgrading to General. His wife is donating it to the club. It includes a new IC7300, Yaesu handheld and some miscellaneous pieces. Use 7300 for a beginner station in place of the 7600 in Station 3. Paddle jack in Station 3 has something stuck in it. Lou suggested that we send a letter acknowledging the donation. Need to add Chris to our Silent Key list.

The AED will get ordered this week. The Echolink will also get back on line this week. George volunteered to mount the AED when it arrives.

VP Report, Ralph – not present

Secretary’s Report, Mike – not present

Treasurer’s Report, Bonnie – not present

Director and Chair Reports

John C – David Bornstein joined the club, he knows a lot about running web radios and could be a good speaker. John is backing up Henry to process renewals and they have a good process going. He needs backup for all of his webmaster activities by the end of Q1.

Jay – Jay is at the Shack keeping things straight a couple of days a week. An Optiplex computer will be donated that just needs an operating system to be used at Station 3

George – Art and George are working on the amplifier. They put the relay in but it still has a problem. They need to figure out the wiring. John commented that the FT897 in the back room can use the B- Squared antenna. We also have a FT1000.

Henry – Thanks to John for helping him with his membership duties during his issues. Breakfast turnouts have been growing.

Lou – No report

Walt – County update. Still no plan for bathroom yet. Also will have police canine training tomorrow in the park.

Old Business

January speaker is Tim Duffy from DX Engineering

New Business

Do we want to do both Winter FD and a Radiator Grill in January? John suggested a group gathering at a restaurant. Could also to next Radiator Grille in March. George will be operating January VHF contest with K1DS.

We need a coordinator for Winter FD to plan it. Put out a request on the reflector. John says we need someone by January 1. George suggests we also ask at January meeting. Bruce thinks that is too late. We also need to look for Summer FD person in February. JOhn will include request in an email blast. Also an announcement on

John suggested next Board meeting Wednesday, December 29, at 6 PM.

Negative feedback from the Ft Lauderdale Boat Parade. John H wasn’t allowed to be on the bridge and had to be in the common area and also was pushed away from where he needed to be and wasn’t treated well.

Motion to adjourn by Jay, second by John C carried. Meeting adjourned 6:53 pm local.

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary