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Board Meeting 26-June-2021

Date: Saturday June-26-2021   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers Present:  Bruce KO4XL,  Jay S. N2ELG,  Bonnie KC2JVS, Mike G K8BQ,  Lou K4LA,  John C N1QFH, Jeff K4BH, Jerry Z W4BFL

Members present: Walt W4WCD,  Rob KC7FBN

Bruce called the meeting to order at 10:10 am local.

The following items were discussed and actions assigned:

Officer and Directors Update

Mike noted that the minutes for the June 9 Board meeting had been uploaded to the web site.  A motion to accept the June 9 minutes was made by Lou, second by Jay S, carried. Mike also presented the membership report

Bonnie presented her financial update.

Jay S reported the club has received a donation of old radios.  He has taken pictures of them and has numbered them.  We also have manuals and miscellaneous parts from the donor. Art will help go through them. We need to determine what to do with them.  John says we need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Maybe put a donation jar next to the radios. Bruce will contact Art. Jay will also participate in the evaluation. Lou can help after 6/29.

A number of people at breakfast are disappointed that there is no real Field Day.

John: We need to get point people to plan and run events. No one signed up to use the Shack for FD.  Need a person to plan for next year.

The club needs to focus on getting the Shack open. We still have some issues related to the lock change.

Need to plan for a Radiator Grill

Speakers: need to update the list beyond August. Ralph can update when he’s back

Echolink needs to be fixed. On Bruce’s to do’s

Need Board member to find other club members who are interested in becoming leaders. Bonnie will take point on leadership development. Bruce and John will work with her. Need to schedule a meeting, possibly next week.

Mike needs to contact the Library about access for meetings.

Lou: We have what we need for applying for Officers and Director’s Insurance. No problems with Board members.

Jeff: Printed some club brochures and needs to drop them at the Shack.  Winterfest Boat Parade planning conflicts with second Wednesday. We’ll move the Board meeting to the third Wednesday and Bruce will update the calendar and meeting notice.

Jerry Z:  DMR Repeater outage. The cover was missing from the box holding the surge protector. He replaced the patch cable and put on a new cover.  The new power over ethernet switch has been installed. We may need to reaim the link antenna.  He brought the radio for the link to club Shack.  He will check with Lew to see if we need permission to use a weighted base as an antenna support on the roof of the Social Security building

He hasn’t been able to get hold of Shak, our previous FAU contact to see who his replacement is.

Other Business:

Mike pointed out that the September meeting is scheduled for the second night of Rosh Hashannah and might be an issue for some.  Will be discussed at next meeting.

Motion by Jay S second by John to adjourn. Carried, adjourned at 11:20 am.

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary