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Board Meeting 9-June-2021

Date: Wednesday June-9-2021   Location: via Zoom   

Directors and Officers Present:  Bruce KO4XL,  Jay S. N2ELG,  Bonnie KC2JVS, Mike G K8BQ,  Lou K4LA,  John C N1QFH

Bruce called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm local.

The following items were discussed and actions assigned:

BRARA BOD Agenda 9 June 2021

  • Director/Officer Reports
    • Approval of minutes
  • Old Business
    • Finalize Non-Discrimination Policy
  • New Business
    • New Member concerns
    • Field Day
    • Reopening news

Officer and Directors Update

Mike noted that the minutes for the May 29 meeting had been uploaded to the web site.  A motion to accept May 29 minutes was made by Jay S, second by John C, carried. Mike noted a large number of people with pending memberships. Bruce said we should give them a call if they don’t pay their dues within a month.

Bonnie presented her financial update. She picked up her PNC debit card locally.  The mail confirming it arrived at our mailbox, unlike the original cards. She presented a mid-month Treasurer’s report. She also has a PayPal card for the club.  She reported that we received a notice to renew our charitable registration.

Mike reported minutes from the last Board meeting are on the Blog.  He gave a membership update. He has a spreadsheet with who has signed the waiver forms and has merged it with Ralph’s key list.  It needs to go on the Google drive to be accessible to directors for Shack reservations.

John changed the combination on the door.  The new and old combination still both work. He needs to get with Jeff to get instructions to remove the old combination.

Jay needs a closet key. So do Mike and Bonnie. Bruce will get some keys made. Jay asked if we could we have a Radiator Grill or Field Day outside?

Lou not much outside of the Non Discrimination Policy updates.

John made a motion to accept the Non Discrimination Policy as edited. Jay seconded the motion.

Bruce made some minor suggestions for changes which were discussed.

John asked if it should go in the Policy Book.  Bruce responded that it should as well as be put on the web site

Mike made an additional suggestion to clarify the document which was discussed. This led to further minor revisions.

John amended his motion to include the recomended changes as discussed. Jay accepted the amendment. Lou said he’ll send the revised document to Bruce for review before publishing.  The motion carried.

New Business

New Member concerns: Apparently. some newer members have mentioned that they didn’t feel welcomed when they came by the Shack. How do typical new member expectations match up with what we do?

John said that one newer member and a friend said they came for a key, but were not treated well. Nobody really asked about them or said hello. They feel like they won’t be back.  We have a reputation of being cliquey. He proposed that all Board members and officers have a responsibility to say hello to people they don’t know at meetings, the Shack, or breakfasts. He would like to set up a hospitality committee. He is willing to chair it and has other members who would like to participate. Bruce suggested Michael should also be on the committee.

Perhaps we may try something about a one minute Zoom profiles about people that could be on the website or shown at a meeting. This may make some people happy but may make some others uncomfortable.

Bruce will call the person who complained to Jeff R. to find out maore about what happened.

Maybe have a Radiator Grill like activity aimed at new members.

Field Day: We don’t have enough time to set up a traditional Field Day. We could proceed like we did for Winter Field Day having a club aggregate score. Possibly we could let people book Shack time under their own calls.  Need to look at rules to see if that would be possible. Michael to research and report back.

Reopening News: Looks like County should be reopening in July. We may be able to do testing in August.

John we need to clean out the Shack to get rid of some of the junk in the main room. Straighten out a bit. Scheduled a work day for Saturday at 11 am. Jay, Michael, and Bruce will help.

Motion to adjourn by Jay, second by John carried

Adjourned at 7:11 pm

Respectfully submitted

Mike Greenfeld K8BQ/ Secretary