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WordPress Training

This offering is for people who want to learn WordPress and become comfortable managing a WordPress footprint.

The following people are confirmed registered for the February or March 2021 class:

  • Mel.F GCARA
  • Erick.O GCARA
  • Joe.M GCARA
  • Walter.R JGSPBCI
  • Marilyn.L JGSPBCI
  • Bruce.R BRARA
  • Mike.G BRARA
  • Bonnie.G BRARA

About the Class

  • The class size will be limited to 9 people per session
  • There will be 5 to 8 sessions for 30 to 45 minutes each
  • Class attendees shall be directors or designees who have need to know
  • All sessions will be recorded for attendees use
  • Training will be conducted in a BRARA WordPress Sandbox
  • Weekly off-line home shall be assigned
  • Attendees will review their home work with the class


  • You have pre-registered and accepted for this training
  • You have some basic knowledge of Office products (MS, OpenOffice, etc)
  • You can commit a maximum of 45 min per week of Zoom class time
  • You will try to complete assignments
  • You have been given a user id and password

Class Guidelines

  • CLICK for Zoom Best practices

Scope of Training

  • Getting to Know WordPress
  • Creating Posts
  • Adding Images and Media
  • Creating Categories
  • Creating Tags
  • Creating Pages
  • Managing Content
  • Changing Appearance
  • WordPress Plugins
  • All about Tables
  • All about Tabs
  • Users and User Profiles
  • Configuring Settings and Security

Helpful Links

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