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The following is a communication between Barry Porter KB1PA and

Barry wanted to be sure you all had this information. Thanks Barry.

Hello Barry (KB1PA),

First of all, let me start by saying this is a one time email.

RadioID doesn’t send out these types of emails, no newsletters and such, but we had some exciting news that I thought we should share. This was the only way to reach everyone as efficiently as possible. So there is no unsubscribe link or button, we likely will not be contacting you in this manor any time in the near future.

Exciting News!

After many years of service to the Amateur DMR community, Hans DL5DI, from, has decided to step back from the European Registration system. He has asked me if I would be willing to service all of Europe and Africa along with what RadioID already does.

Effective Dec 19th, will be the World Wide Registrar for DMR / NXDN / CPLUS Digital IDs.

The majority of the ham-digital admin team will be joining the RadioID Admin team in this historic venture. I am happy to take on the challenge that this brings and we look forward to serving the needs of the DMR world.

Data Dumps

As part of this transition, RadioID will be unavailable for a few hours on Saturday Dec 19th in the morning (EST). We require this time to merge the data from

I know some of your were downloading your data from, These data dumps will no longer be available from, We offer the same data dumps here a Radio ID as well as a fully functional API. Please see the DATABASE section from the menu on the website.

Contact Generator

Tired of seeing just 7 digit numbers on your screen! Yeah, so I was…

  • Easily generate as many personalized contact list as you like.
  • Customize your list for the size your radio can handle.
  • Get sent custom alerts when your list grows and you want to update it.
  • Associate them with all your different radios.
  • Include the latest Brandmeister TG’s with a simple click.
  • Use our Custom Format Generator so you can create any kind of format you like!
  • Share your custom formats with others publicly.
  • Make that new radio function how it was intended.
  • Since this is the master database, this is the most current data available.
  • We honour what you want to share, we don’t stuff in data from other places after the fact.
  • Can your radio handle 200,000+ contacts? We’ll be there soon!

Just click on the Generator menu link on the website!

As the Database size grows past what most modern Radios can handle, it will be more important than ever to have the ability to trim contact lists to fit your radio needs.

Data Integrity

In order to keep the database as accurate as possible, Please consider visiting Radio ID and updating

  • Your personal information
  • Silent Keys
  • Orphaned Callsigns

The database is only as good as the people who maintain it, this is a public database to be used for such things as codeplug developers, network systems, different software developers etc.., We honor your wishes, by only sharing what you want to be shared publicly, The user dashboard is self-care and you control your data. We issue about 2000 ID’s a month.

If you would like to see what data is publicly shared, you can check our your Digital Card here


If you have a DMR ID, then you have an account on, If you need help accessing that account, please reach out to our support team via the website. We do not accept inbound emails to create support tickets as this just results in an abuse of spam.

Repeater Maps

We now have a fully functional dymanic map that display all the repeaters in the system with TG information. Repeaters owners are encouraged to update their repeater information on a regular basis to keep the information current.

This feature can be found on the main page of or in the Database menu.

Updated Policies, Terms and Conditions, Usage Agreement

By using on or after December 17, 2020, you’ll be agreeing to our revised Terms of Service and policy changes. If you need help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team via the website.

Thank you for using
– The RadioID Admin Team

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