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The Board of Directors have reviewed a plan to implement a popular interactive email distribution system with many functions and features to benefit all members. Don’t worry, it’s not a replacement for your friendly, familiar MailChimp, in fact it posts messages right where you are accustomed to finding them and lets you send responses as if nothing has changed. At last we’ll have means by which we can shout out to our fellow members on short notice, for example to meet this weekend for radio demonstration, or for example to put out a notice that you have a piece of ham gear to sell. It even houses a place where you can attach “hashtags” in the title of a message so that message topic will be stored in a “hashtag” compartment for all to search and review. There are features too numerous to list here, so please make note of the following details.

For the upcoming BRARA monthly Zoom meeting on Tuesday 1-Sept-2020 at 7pm, we have invited new member Mike Pilgrim, K5MP to present details of our roll-out for the web-based tool known as This information being shared is to let you know this new tool is being planned and to raise the awareness and interest for your attendance at that Zoom meeting. Soon after that meeting you shall be notified of an future email:  The Rollout of This process begins with a system-generated message saying “Mike, K5MP has invited you to become a member in the process….”. In that message will be a simple instruction to either Reply with an empty response, or ignore if for some reason you wish not to subscribe. If you choose to reply, rest assured you can always “unsubsubscribe” if you wish not to be included.

Keep your eyes peeled as time nears for this very exciting communications enhancement to be deployed.