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DMR TG-3112529
LOCAL TG-311037
EchoLink 826953

8.00pm ET SEFL DMR Tech-Net

  • GCARA 443.3500+ CC-11 TS-1 TG-3112529
  • Brandmeister TG-3112529
  • Supports all DMR Technical issues
  • CLICK HERE for SEFL DMR Tech Net Script
  • CLICK HERE for Codeplug List
  • CLICK HERE for DMR Support

7.00pm ET Voice  Com Net

  • BRARA analog 145.29- PL110.9 
  • Supports New Hams and local announcements and info
  • CLICK HERE for the VoiceComm Net Script

7.30pm ET DMR BrainWaves Not-A-Net

  • BRARA LOCAL 442.875+ CC-1 TS-2 TG-311037
  • Test codeplugs, radios, audio, have fun
  • This is for local users until IP is available

8.00pm ET SoCounty NBEMS Net

  • BRARA analog 145.29- PL 110.9
  • Practice digital communication
  • CLICK HERE for the So County NBEMS Net Script

Other Tools and Nets

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