Event: HamCation Carpool plans and reservations

Event: Hamcation CLICK FMI

Vehicle: 8-person Toyota Sienna

Reservations: FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis

Contact: John Cole N1QFH

  • EMAIL wirehead52@gmail.com
  • TEXT 207.239.0268
  • ADDRESS: 14426 Amberly Ln Unit 405 Delray Beach FL 33446

Costs: pre-paid $30 per person by cash or check.

Departure Location: BRARA Ham shack at West Delray Park  CLICK FOR MAP

Departure Time: 6am on 9-FEB-2019 CLICK FOR TRAVEL MAP

Return Time: estimated between 5pm and 6pm that day


  • John Cole N1QFH (driver)
  • Sam Feldman WM3Q
  • Rich Ladisky KB1J
  • Ralph Mele W1DAR
  • Jeff Stahl K4BH
  • Jeff Ronner W4AEQ

NOTE: People who PAID-IN-FULL will appear as GREEN


  • John Holzapfel KE4IDW