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DMR: New version of Contact Manager version 2.61

We have just released N0GSG Contact Manager version 2.61. N0GSG Contact Manager is the “goto” software for working with codeplug data in many different makes of DMR radios, including Connect Systems, Tytera, AnyTone, and others. It allows you to freely edit information in all supported codeplugs, and also allows you to migrate data freely between any supported radio types using copy and paste commands for individual elements (such as contacts, channels, or zones), or Structural Import for seamlessly migrating complete codeplug structures.

Version 2.61 incorporates support for the new TYT MD-UV380, an enhanced DMR Database Search Facility, and for radios with multi-bank zones, a Mirroring Command to copy between A and B sections of these zones.

Version 2.61 features enhanced Mass Change and Zone Wizard functionality. Within the Mass Change command, you can now specify a custom transmit frequency to account for non-standard repeater splits. In Zone Wizard, you can now tell Contact Manager to divide a large group of related channels into multiple zones – – this feature is quite handy for building zones to cover geographic areas with lots of DMR repeaters and talkgroups.

Radio ID recently upgraded its servers to secure HTTP (HTTPS) – – Version 2.61 is now able to connect with Radio ID to obtain full DMR record information for all but European DMR stations. Version 2.61 continues to merge Radio ID and Ham Digital data so that all DMR records are available.

Within the DMR Online Database Searcher we’ve also added a new CSV Contact Exporter that will allow you to export properly-formatted CSV contact files for radios such as the MD-2017, MD-9600, and MD-UV380, so that you can load additional contacts (up to 100,000) for these radios.

The documentation for Contact Manager is updated and explains how to use the new features.

N0GSG Contact Manager is delivered via secured servers that are scanned daily for malware. Our site and software are 100% safe for your computer (we can make this claim only if you download Contact Manager direct from our site at is well known that certain anti-virus software (including Windows Defender) is notorious for delivering false-positive reports. You may view an authoritative scan of this entire site and its content by visiting Virus Total.

Our next update will be addition of new radios to extend the usefulness of Contact Manager to as many users as possible. We welcome your input on this software and very much appreciate your support for the Contact Manager project.


Tom Wheeler
Amateur Radio Station NØGSG
Overland Park, KS