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New Hams: Things to do after you get your amateur radio license

21 Things to Do After You Get Your Amateur Radio License (CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON EBOOK) is a new book by Daniel M Romanchik, KB6NU, that is now available for electronic reading on the Kindle and Nook. Written for the new ham or those amateurs who have not really been all that active late, its 21 chapters cover just about every aspect of the hobby as it is today. Included are such topics as how to locate an Elmer, how to buy a radio, set up a shack and much more. Also covered are the social aspects of the hobby including participation in clubs, hamfests and the like.

  • Join a club
  • Join the ARRL
  • Find an Elmer
  • Buy a radio
  • Get on the air
  • Set up a shack
  • Buy some tools
  • Buy a digital multimeter (DMM)
  • Build an antenna
  • Build a kit
  • Go to a hamfest
  • Learn the lingo
  • Subscribe to mailing lists, blogs, and podcasts
  • Upgrade to General
  • Go to Field Day
  • Learn Morse Code
  • Get to know your (ham) neighbors
  • Buy QSL cards
  • Join SkyWarn, ARES, or RACES
  • Participate in a contest