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DMR: Register Chinese Radios with Brandmeister

If your Chinese radio does not work on the Gold Coast repeater 443.3500  / CC-11, you need to REGISTER your callsign with Brandmeister (CLICK HERE).

When you have accessed the Brandmeister website, on MENU find and click REGISTER.

When General Account Details page appears enter and select the following:

  • Enter your CALLSIGN and EMAIL
  • For Account Type select Personal User Account
  • For Security enter your new Password two times as confirmation
  • When Anti Spam question “What is the wavelength of the UHF band in centimeters?” is asked enter 70.
  • For DMR ID enter one of your known ID
  • When asking “I’m not a robot” click the BOX.
  • Finally CLICK the button REGISTER

When this is done, Logon and click on your CALLSIGN located on the MENU after which a dropdown appears. Select SELF-CARE

When you see the SELF-CARE, find BRAND dropdown list and select “Chinese Radio”

When this is done, find SAVE button and CLICK on it to save your work.

This completes the process.