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President’s Message

“Da Prez Sez”:

This is my last article as the BRARA Prez and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making this Club what we have become.

I especially want to acknowledge Art, WA8VSJ for stepping up to the plate and being the best VP one could ask for. As my Senior mentor, confidant and advisor, we wouldn’t be where we are today without Art. He was more a Co-Prez with most Technical issues falling in his lap and most Admin in mine.

The rest of the active Board: Jerry W4BFL, Patrick KE4OBV, Bruce KO4XL and Jeff W4AEQ; could be counted on to pitch in using their expertise to make a go out of any situation that presented itself.

The addition of John N1QFH, Jeff K4BH and George WA2VNV will insure that we continue forward. I am confidant that we will.

‘Nuf’ said.

As we look forward to the Holidays and the balance of this year, we have a couple of items to take care of:

  • Our Next Meeting is Tuesday 5 December at the West Boca Library.
  • Our Holiday Party is Thursday, 21 December at the Boca Linda Club House. See the flyer on page 10 and be sure to sign-up (On-Line or see John N1QFH). Jerry and Milagros are planning to outdo last year.

The New Board takes over 1 January 2018 and I am sure that there will be more exciting events coming.

One final thought, “Winter is Coming”. Better yet, Winter Field Day will soon be upon us-27/28 January 2018


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