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New Hams Corner: Etiquette

This month’s focus will be etiquette. Beside the rules there are some things that hams should refrain from talking about on the air. It is never nice to bash another person, much less a fellow ham. People can be stupid in person but when you do it on the air who knows who is listening. NEVER good!

I try never to mention another hams address on air. There are so many ways to look us up that there is NO reason to give addresses for thieves to hear where to find all of that cool radio gear! Go to the FCC database or to look up another ham. It also proves they have a license. Many years back there were a group of pirates who drove cabs and used 2 meters for dispatching. After a group of us looked up all of the calls and names we figured out what was happening. We recorded the chatter, found out where they were operating and turned it all over to the FCC. REMEMBER the rules, no monetary gain!

I have listened to a few nets where a very disturbing habit has been noticed. I have no idea where it originated but there is no need to key a mic and stop talking to see if someone else is talking. One of two things will happen, you will win because you have captured the repeater or you both will lose. In either case more air time is wasted. Give your Call only when checking into a net unless more information is asked for by the net control. Wait until recognized and asked to transmit. Then provide additional information that is requested.

Anyone short of time or mobile…
Net recognizes WA2NTW, Dolph
Any other check ins?
Kilo Echo Four Oscar Bravo Victor
Net recognizes KE4OBV and KG4FUR.

In lieu of just plain call sign some people like to give their call phonically to eliminate confusion. This is helpful if you are not known, or have a similar call to someone else. Another reason is if you are in a weak area for clear communication. For brevity I always prefer the shortest amount of air time. Listen to a fast moving net sometime…you can hear the differences. This will help for when all-hell-breaks-loose and time becomes a commodity that will be scarce!

When asked to use a tactical call sign use just that call sign for the back and forth. End by using your call sign. This keeps everything legal and eliminates a lot of wasted airtime!

When in doubt about doing something…think, would an experienced ham do this? If the answer is no, DON’T DO IT!


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