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DMR-FL Local Tech Net is every Sunday at 20:00L on TS2 TG2 of your local DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister

Just a reminder that the DMR-FL Local Tech Net is every Sunday at 20:00L on TS2 TG2 of your local DMR-FL repeater and TG31124 on Brandmeister. Please be courteous and hold to the 5 second rule between DMR transmissions. You are receiving this email because you expressed an interest in DMR in the past.  If you no longer desire to receive this and similar emails, reply with […]

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New Hams Corner: Buying that first radio

Buying that first radio So many people ask, “What should I buy to get on the air?” There is NO simple answer to that question. A lot of the issue is how much do you want to spend? If you have a few hundred dollars then your options are wide. If you only have a […]